Huskers discuss how campus has shaped their college career

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Huskers discuss how campus has shaped their college career

One Big Question
The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s weeklong, statewide celebration of its 150th anniversary opened Feb. 11.

Ahead of “I Love NU” Advocacy Day at the Nebraska State Capitol, University Communication asked a handful of Huskers about the part of their college experience that has made the greatest impact. Here are their answers:

Shana LaPointe

“My college experience has been a riveting experience. It changed my life in many ways just from the people I have met and the communities that I have been a part of over the years like UNITE, OASIS, WHT, Resilient Women, Diversity Ambassadors and the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center. I am beyond thankful to have met every single one of my professors, mentors, advisers and friends. If there is anything that I should take away from this college experience it’s to help others whenever possible. If I did not have the support that I did, I probably would not have made it this far fully ready and capable to graduate in May. Furthermore, I am forever grateful to be able to have the opportunity to incorporate my experiences as a Native American women into everything that I do and will do in the future.”

— Shana LaPointe, senior, secondary education, English/language arts education major

Amanda Kowalewski

“I am confident that the education I will receive from (the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources) has prepared me to be successful in a variety of areas of the agricultural industry and beyond. The experiences I have had and the people I have interacted with have challenged me to think differently, pushed me towards continual growth, encouraged me to build partnerships, and supported me taking risks to solve grand challenges. My college experience has reaffirmed my love of learning and my desire to be a lifelong student. I truly believe there is no place like Nebraska.”

— Amanda Kowalewski, senior, agricultural economics major

Jewel Rodgers

“Nebraska taught me to be fearless and courageous regardless of my age, gender or race. Being a student here taught me that hard work is appreciated and praise is only earned through the efforts you portray both in and outside of the classroom. If I could say one thing to current students, I’d say, ‘Do not wait until you graduate college to become the person you envision yourself becoming in the future. You are only as competent as you allow yourself to be, and you will only, but almost always, receive the help you need to reach your fullest potential if you just ask… and really mean it.’”

— Jewel Rodgers, senior, management major

Cheyenne Gerlach

“The Engler Entrepreneurship Program is where I’ve found my home on campus and it has empowered me to take risks that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. I also help lead the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative which is easily a highlight of my college experience. I believe that women will start businesses that will create the most positive change in the world in the future, so why not start that here at Nebraska?”

— Cheyenne Gerlach, junior, integrated science major

Allison Black

“Beyond the outstanding education I received at the university, I will take with me the spirit of service and hard work that the university instills. At Nebraska, you find that — while you may be thousands of miles from home — there is a feeling of camaraderie and friendliness among classmates, community members, and even Husker fans. I hope this welcoming and helping nature of Nebraska continues to influence me during my lifetime and career.”

— Allison Black, senior, economics, political science and sociology major

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