Husker faithful score Glow Big Red record

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Husker faithful score Glow Big Red record

Crowdfunding effort raises $436,000 for scholarships, programs
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln invites its supporters to “Glow All In” during Glow Big Red.
Love Library is illuminated during the 2019 Glow Big Red event. Buildings were not lit up this year to conserve electricity amid the rolling blackouts in the central U.S.

In a 24-hour period Feb. 17-18, the 2021 Glow Big Red crowdfunding event set a new record by generating nearly 4,000 gifts totaling about $436,000 in support of University of Nebraska–Lincoln scholarships and programs.

Gifts were received from people representing every state of the country and places around the world. Largely driven by social media engagement, supporters used #GlowBigRed to share their personal stories and why the university matters to them. The hashtag also helps document the event.

“I am overwhelmed by the great success of this year’s Glow Big Red,” Chancellor Ronnie Green said. “A huge thank-you to all those who donated for their tremendous support of UNL.”

Glow Big Red — 24 Hours of Husker Giving began at noon Feb. 17 and concluded at noon Feb. 18. It emphasized the university’s service mission and focused on a wide range of opportunities to support students through scholarships and programs. Each college participated, along with 70 campus-based student organizations and other university organizations and affiliates.

“I am so impressed by the outpouring of support for students and student organizations through this year’s Glow Big Red,” said Laurie Bellows, vice chancellor for student affairs. “It’s absolutely inspirational. Thank you to each and every supporter for your kindness. There truly is no place like Nebraska.”

The Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management shared a video message of thanks on social media from Andy Zhang, a sophomore computer science major from Elkhorn.

“The Raikes School has given me the opportunity to grow, not just as a student but as a person, and I’ve met so many wonderful people here,” Zhang said. “I really can’t thank Raikes enough, and a big part of it was just knowing that my family and I could pay these bills. We’re so grateful for the financial scholarships that Raikes and UNL provide, and it wouldn’t be possible without you. I just wanted to thank you on behalf of all Raikes School students and my cohort for your generous donations during Glow Big Red.”

Glow Big Red started in 2019 in recognition of the university’s 150th anniversary.

Last year, more than 2,300 gifts were made, with more than $175,000 in support. This year’s goal of 2,500 gifts was surpassed by almost 1,400 gifts.

Gifts during the event were made here, where full results are available.

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