Husker DNA Journey deadline is Oct. 19

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Husker DNA Journey deadline is Oct. 19

The Husker DNA Journey Essay Contest

The Husker DNA Journey, an opportunity for students to learn more about their heritage by taking a DNA ancestry test, is accepting essay applications through Oct. 19.

Led by Lory Dance, associate professor of sociology and ethnic studies, the Husker DNA Journey will bring a diverse group of undergraduate students together to share their stories. The project aims to break down barriers as students increase their understanding of their unique backgrounds and discuss commonalities. Those interested in the event should submit an essay detailing knowledge of their ancestors going back 100 to 300 years.

The Husker DNA Journey takes its inspiration and objectives from a documentary called “The DNA Journey.” To mirror the film, the project will document students as they learn about each other’s histories. In addition to the film, students will present their findings in two reflective presentations and write an essay describing their experience.

For more information on the project and to submit an essay, visit the student involvement website.

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