High temps prompt campus measures to save energy

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High temps prompt campus measures to save energy


Due to extreme summer heat, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s chilled water system is not expected to meet campus cooling demands July 27-28.

To help offset some of this demand, Mike Zeleny, vice chancellor of business and finance, requested in a campuswide email July 27 that faculty and staff take additional measures to conserve energy.

“Allowing temperatures to rise in unoccupied rooms provides the best opportunity for us to meet campus cooling demands,” Zeleny wrote.

To preserve as much cooling as possible, the room control strategy has been changed for the next two days. Room temperatures will be allowed to drift and some will notice decreased air movement. To return offices or rooms to normal, press either button on the electronic thermostat for about a second (until the display blinks). That will provide several hours of normal operation. If a thermostat is currently set below 72, please increase it to 72. Don’t set it higher; the control changes will take care of that automatically.

Additionally, the campus community can take the following measures:

  • Close window drapes, curtains or blinds, especially when windows are in direct sunlight. Keep windows closed and locked.

  • Turn off or dim electric lights as much as possible and turn all lights off whenever leaving a room or office. Close window shades and use electric lights when window is in direct sunlight; when it is not, open the drapes slightly and turn off electric lights.

  • Turn off computer monitors, projectors and computers whenever possible.

  • Minimize unnecessary ventilation by closing fume hood sashes and turning off any unneeded exhaust fans.

  • Keep outdoor air from entering buildings by closing doors, including vestibules, and keeping all windows closed.

Zelelny said he expects a return to normal temperature control beginning July 31.

If a room conditioning system is malfunctioning (after pressing the button to return it to normal), contact your the Building Systems Maintenance Service Desk at 402-472-1550.

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