Heat wave prompts campus measures to save energy

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Heat wave prompts campus measures to save energy


As a heat wave continues to blast Nebraska, sending the heat index over 100 degrees, University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s utility plant chillers are operating near peak electrical demand.

To help offset some of this demand, Bill Nunez, vice chancellor of business and finance, announced Aug. 26 that the University Operations team will be raising the room temperature set points on thermostats by a few degrees in buildings across campus. Research buildings, medical facilities and student housing facilities are exempt from the adjustment.

Nunez said in an email that building temperatures will be warmer than typical, but that increased ventilation — in line with the pandemic response protocols — will be maintained.

The campus community can also help mitigate energy demand and reduce the impact to the university budget by taking these steps:

  • Close window drapes, curtains or blinds, especially when windows are in direct sunlight.

  • Turn off or dim electric lights as much as possible and turn all lights off whenever leaving a room or office. Close your window shades and use electric lights when your window is in direct sunlight; when it is not, open the drapes slightly and turn off electric lights.

  • Turn off computer monitors, projectors and computers whenever possible.

  • Minimize unnecessary ventilation by closing fume hood sashes and turning off any unneeded exhaust fans.

  • Keep outdoor air from entering buildings by closing doors, including vestibules, and keeping all windows closed.

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