Green among special guests in 'Captain Soapman'

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Green among special guests in ‘Captain Soapman’

Video: "Captain Soapman"

A community production that explores how COVID-19 briefly impacts the life a child and his family includes a special guest appearance by Chancellor Ronnie Green.

Filmed entirely via the Zoom videoconferencing platform, “Captain Soapman” is intended to help children and their families find hope and humor during the current pandemic. It includes lessons on how soap can defeat germs, the importance of patience, and benefits of helping others.

Green is among a number of community leaders who are featured in the production’s closing song.

“Captain Soapman” was created as a submission in a contest offered in a Nebraska Wesleyan University playwriting course. The production was written by Mary Sinclair and produced by Blixt Locally Grown.

The 12-minute play is available to watch online.

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