Gluten-free restaurant open in Selleck

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Gluten-free restaurant open in Selleck

Moxie's Gluten Free Cafe noodle bowl
Moxie's serves gluten-free food, such as this customizable noodle bowl.

Providing a plethora of options is the name of the game when it comes to on-campus dining and the addition of the new gluten-free café, Moxie’s, at the Selleck Food Court. Diners now can enjoy customized, delicious, gluten-free selections including pizzas, noodle bowls, sandwiches, salads and desserts as part of their meal plan or with credit card payment through the Transact Mobile Ordering app.

“This is fresh, great tasting food, sourced and prepared in a safe environment,” says Dave Annis, director of dining services. “Moxie’s adds another great restaurant choice for all to enjoy and adds a level of stress-free dining for those with gluten sensitivities.”

The name itself, Moxie’s, draws inspiration from the students and staff who worked tirelessly to bring the restaurant to campus. Their zeal and passion for getting the space open was unmatched. Annis explains, “[We wanted to] dedicate it to students and staff who have worked hard to bring this along.”

Moxie’s joins a list of dining options and useful resources for students with allergen sensitivities and meal preference needs. The 8+ allergen-free line in the Harper Dining Center serves foods that do not contain any of the top nine allergens or gluten, and the Abel Dining Center offers the Global Fresh line, containing a wide assortment of vegan and vegetarian options.

Through the NetNutrition® online tools implemented last year, students can build their meal virtually to view nutritional information, review ingredients and allergens and see menu options. Additionally, the on-staff registered dietitian, Ellyn McCarter, can work with students on an individual basis to ensure that their dining and meal needs are met. Students with any questions or specific needs should contact McCarter at 402-472-9045 or

Video: Meet Ellyn McCarter, Dining Services' dietician

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