Firefly revamp offers mobile-friendly design

Firefly revamp offers mobile-friendly design

Firefly redesign

An update to Firefly — the online service University of Nebraska employees use to manage leave and compensation — launched May 15.

The redesign includes a modernized, mobile-friendly interface with shortcuts, improved navigation and application updates that make the Firefly system easier to use. The update also allows Firefly to be accessible on desktop computers, tablets and mobile platforms. A Firefly app that allows employees to use mobile devices to accomplish common tasks will also be released soon.

Firefly name tag

“Our employees are busy and on the go,” said David Lechner, senior vice president and chief financial officer for the university system. “Having to use their desktop for key business tasks — such as entering vacation, expense report or other SAP functions, doesn’t fully accommodate today’s professional world.

“(The Firefly update) is a reimagining of our most-frequently used tools in a way that will simplify interactions, make it easier to accomplish business-related tasks, and allow employees to do so on the devices they use most.”

The Firefly business portal is used by employees of the University of Nebraska and the state college system.

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