‘Find Your Resources’ offers support info for sexual assault victims

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‘Find Your Resources’ offers support info for sexual assault victims


The university is offering a new online resource to help students, faculty and staff navigate reporting requirements and support services available to victims of sexual assault.

Called “Find Your Resources”, the information is presented in an interactive flow chart that walks individuals through options step-by-step.

Available on the Victim Advocate website, the chart is designed to be trauma-informed and responsive to each situation, providing easy access to needed information. Find Your Resources reviews options for medical care, evidence collection, reporting options and support resources by asking individuals a series of yes-or-no questions.

Nebraska students, faculty and staff can use Find Your Resources to familiarize themselves with reporting options and resources. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the website for themselves or students.

Information is provided about each resource available, empowering victims and those assisting them to make informed decisions.

Find Your Resources is a service of the Victim Advocate created in collaboration with Nebraska Medicine - University Health Center, the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, the University Police Department, the Women’s Center and the Campus High Risk Behaviors Task Force.

The resource launched Oct. 6 to coincide with the university’s Week Without Violence campaign.

“The Week Without Violence is a collaborative series of events that focus campus attention on the impact of violence on our community, and encourages prevention education for everyone,” said Jan Deeds, director of the Women’s Center. “Find Your Resources helps victims of sexual assault know their options and make informed choices.”

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