Farrell combines love of exercise, family and coffee

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Farrell combines love of exercise, family and coffee

Downtime with the Deans
Kathy Farrel rids bicycles in Lincoln alongside her husband.
Craig Chandler | University Communication and Marketing

Editor’s Note — Throughout the spring, summer and fall 2023 terms, Curt Bright, videographer in University Communication and Marketing, worked with the Nebraska Alumni Association to highlight the deans and their respective colleges at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. This video and Q&A is from the resulting series, “Downtime with the Deans,” that ran in Nebraska Quarterly. Each month, a vignette from the series will be featured on Nebraska Today.

After giving up cycling for many years, Kathy Farrell, dean of the College of Business, enjoys riding again with her husband, often stopping for coffee along the way.

Video: Downtime with the Deans — Kathy Farrell

What do you enjoy when you are not wearing your Dean hat?

Most of my adult life I have engaged in some kind of fitness activity. Currently, I work out at Orange Theory Fitness and also have a Peloton bike that I use periodically along with the fitness app. Last summer my husband — an avid runner — was diagnosed with arthritis in his knee. So, he decided to become a cyclist. When he was shopping for a bike, I decided that it would be nice to start riding together for fun. So, I bought a bike, too. He and I had ridden bikes a great deal early in our marriage and when our kids were little. We even rode our bikes to work on occasion, but when life got busy with kids, we stopped riding as much. It has been fun to restart riding again.

Do others participate with you?

I have met many people through the fitness activities that I engage with since I tend to migrate to group fitness. It has been fun to meet new people and also get to know work colleagues better in a different environment.

What mental and/or physical benefits do you derive?

Physical activity is great stress relief and helps me sleep better. It allows me to clear my mind and focus on myself and my own personal wellbeing. Bike riding also has the added benefit of getting me outside and enjoying the outdoors. It is a fun way to get a cup of coffee or check out a new tap room.

If you were granted three wishes for your college what would those be?

One, that everyone has access to the tremendous educational experiences as an undergraduate or graduate student at Nebraska Business in our state-of-the-art facility that supports hands-on learning. Two, that every area in the college has sustained funding to support innovative programming, exceptional faculty and student success with continued focus on one-to-one interactions. And three, we increase engagement to support lifelong learners while expanding our outreach and the reputation of the university.

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