Faculty 101, Tannenbaum talk economics of evictions

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Faculty 101, Tannenbaum talk economics of evictions


Welcome to Faculty 101, a podcast that offers a listen into the pursuits and perspectives of Husker faculty.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting normal routines and shifting so many personnel and activities off campus, host Mary Jane Bruce is adapting with a temporary spinoff named Faculty 101: Five Things. True to its name, each episode will ask a faculty member to address five aspects or questions related to a specific topic.

Daniel Tannenbaum joins the podcast this week to share some insights on a problem that an increasing number of Americans are now having to confront: eviction. The assistant professor of economics explains what research says about the financial problems that precede eviction and the gamut of downstream difficulties that it leaves in its wake. As a longtime resident of metropolitan areas, Tannenbaum also talks about how evictions are especially hitting urban areas amid the pandemic — and how economic research can inform public policy that’s better equipped to address the issue.

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