Extension presents Thanksgiving meal prep tips, resources

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Extension presents Thanksgiving meal prep tips, resources

Thanksgiving dinner

During the holiday season, thoughts turn to family, food and finding enough time to fit everything in.

Food safety may take a back seat as we take short cuts, prepare foods ahead, cook late into the night and host numerous holiday feasts.

Before you roast the turkey, set up the buffet, or start making holiday goodies, check out Nebraska Extension resources offered online.

Whether you want to know how to thaw, safely stuff or roast a turkey, you’ll find answers through resources gathered by Nebraska Extension. In addition, there are directions for preparing meats other than turkey.

The information includes advice on how to travel with Thanksgiving foods or options for roasting a turkey the day before serving it.

Included are tips and some recipes to help give new life to turkey leftovers. There are even links to Thanksgiving games, coloring pages and jokes to keep the kids busy while the wait for dinner.

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