Dual approval needed for all critical domestic travel

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Dual approval needed for all critical domestic travel

Silhouette of a man standing in airport, hand on suitcase, watching an airplane land.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is highly discouraging all university-sponsored domestic travel until further notice. For domestic travel that is absolutely critical, a dual-authorization process is available.

Offered in Concur through the Firefly portal, the process allows travel approvers within campus units to manually add a designated supervisor to each critical domestic travel request. The process, outlined here, is available by clicking “Approve and Forward” in the Concur system.

After receiving dual approval, travel requests should no longer appear in the Concur pending approvals list.

At this time, all university-sponsored international travel continues to be prohibited. Learn more about the university’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

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