Downtown scooter users reminded to follow parking, riding rules

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Downtown scooter users reminded to follow parking, riding rules

Craig Chandler | University Communication
Electric scooters, pictured here in front of the Nebraska Union, made their debut in downtown Lincoln on Sept. 1.

After making their debut downtown Sept. 1, electric scooters have become a fun transportation option for Lincolnites of all ages.

Before your next ride, take a moment to review the city’s rules and recommendations for using the devices safely and responsibly.

Where am I allowed to ride scooters downtown?

Scooters are not allowed to be ridden on any downtown sidewalks, including those on City Campus. Stick to the street, or bike lanes in the street, to keep both yourself and pedestrians safe.

Where should I park my scooter once I’m done using it?

Craig Chandler | University Communication
Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to drop scooters off at any of six parking locations on the perimeter of City Campus. Parking locations are denoted by a scooter symbol on the pavement.

If you finish your ride and are near City Campus, try leaving your scooter in one of the six designated parking locations around the perimeter of the university. This will help them stay neat and organized for others to use. Parking locations, which are denoted by small white scooter symbols on the pavement, are available at:

  • R Street and 13th Street
  • R Street in front of the Nebraska Union
  • 16th Street and S Street
  • 17th Street in front of Knoll Residence Hall
  • 17th Street and Vine Street
  • 16t Street and W Street

If you don’t happen to be close to campus, scooters can also be left anywhere downtown (or as far as the device’s GPS lets you go). However, when doing so, please be courteous to drivers and pedestrians. Here are some do’s and don’ts of parking scooters downtown:


  • Park your scooter in the middle of the sidewalk.
  • Leave your scooter in front of alleyways. This can block trucks and other vehicles needing to use them.
  • Park your scooter in front of entryways or exits to buildings.


  • Leave four unobstructed feet of space on sidewalks for pedestrians to walk through.
  • Lean your scooter against a building, as long as it isn’t blocking any entryways or exits.
  • Park your scooter within the “landscape” area of the sidewalk. This includes in bike racks or next to trash cans, flowerpots and benches.

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