Desai works to empower student growth through educational upliftment

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Desai works to empower student growth through educational upliftment

Pankaj Desai
Pankaj Desai

Pankaj Desai has always wanted to contribute to communities through educational upliftment. Originally from India, he received his master’s degree in North Carolina and is now a doctoral candidate and a residence director at Nebraska.

“When I started six years ago, Nebraska seemed like a place where I could not only learn so much but also begin to contribute through my work as a Residence Director with Residence Life…I have come to appreciate Nebraska for the numerous people who really care for our students and are active advocates for their growth and well-being,”Desai said.

Desai spent the summer helping prepare for the arrival of students with the rest of the Residence Life team, brainstorming ways residence halls could continue to be places students learn, engage with others and invest in the communities they join. Intentional interaction, virtual programming and additional educational content will help students grow personally and academically, form connections and learn ways to engage in conversations with others.

His work to empower students’ growth and support their sense of belonging is even more important due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He and the Residence Life team are engaging in ongoing education with residents on best practices and how to protect themselves and their community from getting sick. And he wants students to know that we are all in this together; that we each must work to create and maintain a safe learning and living environment.

“Physical distancing does not have to mean social isolation, Densai said. “Ensure that you continue to invest in your well-being as well as look out for the safety of those around you even as you make the most of opportunities to form residential communities.”

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