'Dark Mode' available across university website

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‘Dark Mode’ available across university website

Screenshot of the main UNL.edu webpage with dark mode displayed.
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Launching Oct. 18, Dark Mode is a light-on-dark color scheme that reverses traditional viewing. It uses light-colored text, icons and graphics positioned on a dark background. Benefits include increased readability for some users.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s website is turning down the light, adding the popular “Dark Mode” option that can enhance readability.

Launching Oct. 18, Dark Mode is a popular light-on-dark color scheme that reverses traditional viewing, using light-colored text, icons and graphic elements on a dark background. The regular Light Mode will remain the default on university websites. Dark Mode must be selected on a digital device or computer to be visible.

The benefits of Dark Mode (shown here in a transition from standard, Light Mode) include enhanced readability for some users.

Users whose digital devices are set in Dark Mode will begin receiving the university website in Dark Mode on Oct. 18. Staff in the Digital Experience Group will deploy an incremental update to the university’s web framework with built-in support for the technology.

Nebraska is believed to be the first major university to support Dark Mode in its websites and web apps. The technology is growing in popularity among apps and interfaces, including Microsoft Office, Facebook and several Google apps.

Benefits of dark mode include enhanced readability for some users, and when used at the end of the day to reduce screen brightness, can reduce devices’ effect on melatonin levels and impact on sleeping. Dark Mode also has benefits in energy use for the increasing numbers of new-technology screens on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Integration of Dark Mode across the approximate 100,000 pages of the university’s website may result in a few glitches. Students, faculty, staff and visitors are encouraged to provide feedback on the new option or any issues they encounter using the “Email Us” or “Let’s Chat” option at the bottom of all university websites. Email can also be sent directly to the Digital Experience Group at dxg@listserv.unl.edu.

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