COVID-19 testing sites expand end-of-semester access starting Nov. 16

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COVID-19 testing sites expand end-of-semester access starting Nov. 16

COVID-19 Testing
Craig Chandler | University Communication
The university is opening up its two free COVID-19 testing locations to anyone in the campus community who would like to get tested before traveling at the end of the fall semester. The expanded testing will be offered through Dec. 6.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is expanding access to COVID-19 testing as the campus community prepares for the end of the fall semester on Nov. 25.

Starting Nov. 16, any member of the campus community can receive a free COVID-19 test at the university’s two testing locations. To participate, students, faculty and staff must schedule an appointment.

The East Stadium Loop testing site will allow for both walk-up and drive-through testing. Register for an appointment at the East Stadium Loop site here. An appointment can be scheduled through Dec. 6 for this location. The East Stadium Loop site has previously been used for the university’s randomized mitigation testing program.

The 17th and R Street (TestNebraska) site continues to offer testing via walk-up only. Register for an appointment at the 17th and R Street parking garage site here. Appointments can be scheduled up to four days ahead at this location.

“Our hope is that any member of the campus community — particularly students preparing to return home — who wants to get tested before an end-of-the-semester travel can do so on campus,” said Jennifer Nelson, director of research strategy and member of the university’s COVID-19 Public Health Advocacy Team. “This is especially important as we work to limit the spread, especially for members of our campus community who could unknowingly bring COVID-19 home and expose family or friends.”

The expanded testing at both campus locations will be offered through Dec. 6. Testing appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. It is recommended that students, faculty and staff schedule a test at least 72 hours in advance of travel.

Student Affairs

To further limit exposure to the virus as the Nov. 25 end of the semester approaches, students, faculty and staff can:

  • Limit interactions as much as possible with others starting two weeks before travel is planned;

  • Be cautious and follow these tips during travel;

  • Research local restrictions at a destination. Resources include state and territorial listings and tribal public health resources; and

  • If around an individual from a high-risk population, be sure to wear a facial covering and remain at least six-feet apart to limit unknowingly passing along the virus.

Anyone quarantining due to exposure to COVID-19 or in isolation due to a positive test should postpone travel until the end of quarantine or isolation. If travel is absolutely necessary during that time, contact the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department at 402-441-8053 to discuss additional precautions.

The university continues to offer resources to help the campus community end the fall semester successfully.

Resources for students include — Well-being coaches, Counseling and Psychological Services and Student Advocacy and Support.

Faculty and staff can find on campus support — from counseling to financial assistance — through the Employee Assistance Program.

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