Cornhusker Marching Band makes debut Sept. 3

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Cornhusker Marching Band makes debut Sept. 3

Lines of Cornhusker Marching Band members cross each other on the field at Memorial Stadium
Craig Chandler | University Communication and Marketing
The Cornhusker Marching Band performs during its annual exhibition concert Aug. 19 at Memorial Stadium. The band will make its regular-season debut Sept. 3 at Memorial Stadium with pregame and halftime performances at Nebraska's football home opener against North Dakota.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s 300-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes its 2022 debut Sept. 3 at Memorial Stadium with pregame and halftime performances at Nebraska’s football home opener against North Dakota.

This year’s band includes representatives from nearly every region of the country; though, 74% of the students are from Nebraska. Twenty-one percent of the students have majors in the Glenn Korff School of Music. The rest are studying in about 70 other degree programs across campus. Each band member passed two auditions to gain admittance to the group. The drum majors for the 2022 marching band are senior Matt Jackson of Ceresco, senior Ian Maltas of Lincoln, senior Steffani Nolda of North Platte and senior Katherine Schmit of Lincoln. The twirlers are senior Carrigan Hurst of Little Chute, Wisconsin, and graduate student Steffany Lien of Lincoln.

Tony Falcone, associate director of bands in the Korff School, is the director of the Cornhusker Marching Band. Doug Bush is the assistant director of bands and assistant marching band director. Carolyn Barber, Ron and Carol Cope Professor of Music, is director of bands. Other band staff members are graduate teaching assistants Foteini Angeli, Eric Elker and Trevor Frost. Allen Campoy is the percussion instructor, and Samantha Houston Brown is the color guard instructor. Rose Johnson is the administrative technician, Jan Deaton is the office associate, and Nolan Schmit is the “voice” of the band.

The Cornhusker Marching Band, which resides in the Korff School, was founded in 1879 as an ROTC unit and is one of the oldest marching bands in the nation. The band has received many honors throughout its 143-year history, including a Distinguished Recognition Trophy presented by John Philip Sousa in 1927 and the John Philip Sousa Foundation’s Sudler Trophy in 1996. The Sudler Trophy is the highest honor given to collegiate bands.

The “Pride of All Nebraska” has been seen by millions of viewers on television. The band was the first collegiate ensemble to perform at all of the major football bowl games: Rose, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar and Cotton. For more information, visit

Following is a list of 2022 Cornhusker Marching Band members by hometown, with instrument or role in band, year in school and academic major(s).



  • Lauren Kohtz, trumpet, sophomore, emerging media arts.


  • Faith Blauhorn, trombone, sophomore, music education.


  • Daniel Helzer, horn, freshman, music education.
  • Nathan Muilenburg, trombone, senior, biology.
  • Willa Sharp, clarinet, freshman, music education.


  • Sydney MacNett, piccolo, senior, elementary education.
  • Chasitey Whitmore, trumpet, senior, psychology.
  • Gerin Zimmerman, trumpet, senior, psychology.


  • Matthew Bigge, trumpet, senior, computer science and music.
  • Grace Carey, color guard, junior, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Charlie Croteau, trumpet, senior, psychology.
  • Grace Fettig, piccolo, freshman, music education.
  • Reagan Grau, percussion, freshman, pre-veterinary medicine.
  • Anna Gullett, percussion, junior, actuarial science and mathematics.
  • Isaac Rasmussen, percussion, sophomore, psychology.
  • Wyatt Steffes, percussion, junior, sports media and communication.
  • Ethan Triggs, color guard, freshman, business administration.
  • Kyle Wessling, alto saxophone, sophomore, interior design.


  • Emma Boardman, color guard, freshman, elemendary education and special education (K-6).
  • Parker McIlnay, horn, freshman, undeclared undergraduate.
  • Nate Meyer, clarinet, sophomore, music education.


  • Peter Lux, trumpet, freshman, mechanical engineering.


  • Isaac Baysinger, trombone, senior, computer science.

Cedar Bluffs:

  • Hailey Anderson, alto saxophone, junior, physics.

Central City:

  • Megan Blomstedt, trombone, freshman, theatre.


  • Lara Celesky, trumpet, senior, music education.
  • Matt Jackson, drum major, senior, music education.
  • Katie Lilly, piccolo, senior, elementary education and special education (K-6).


  • Cole Asche, percussion, junior, actuarial science and music composition.
  • Grace Christensen, alto saxophone, senior, communication studies.
  • Sarah Massman, Percussion, sophomore, pre-medicine.
  • Brandon Urkoski, trumpet, freshman, business administration.
  • Kylee Vrba, percussion, sophomore, animal science.


  • Jacob Dill, percussion, senior, computer science.


  • Amanda Courtney, trumpet, freshman, music education.
  • Katie Gallis, trumpet, sophomore, film studies.
  • Joshua Holstein, trumpet, senior, interior design.
  • Emily Tanner, piccolo, senior, English.
  • Megan Wilderman, color guard, freshman, biological sciences.


  • Gionna Weber, tenor saxophone, freshman, elementary education.


  • Yukina Higashi, clarinet, sophomore, music.
  • Shane Miller, alto saxophone, sophomore, mechanical engineering.
  • Grant Westerman, clarinet, junior, music.


  • Brock Godown, trumpet, junior, music education.

Grand Island:

  • Zachary Claassen, trumpet, junior, broadcasting.
  • Samuel Harvey, percussion, senior, mechanical engineering.
  • Kylee Sodomka, trumpet, senior, sports media and communication, and broadcasting.


  • Emily Austin, baritone, junior, psychology and communication studies.
  • Brynn Boes, percussion, junior, biological sciences.
  • Maggie Driewer, clarinet, sophomore, art.
  • Madison Gulizia, percussion, senior, biological sciences.
  • Carissa Hunter, color guard, junior, veterinary science.
  • Katie Kersten, percussion, sophomore, chemical engineering.
  • Walker Lee, trombone, sophomore, computer science.
  • Emma Morrison, trombone, junior, child, youth and family studies.
  • Alaric Schiltz, percussion, junior, mechanical engineering.
  • Addison Ubele, color guard, sophomore, biological sciences.


  • Josh Brooks, trumpet, senior, music performance and civil engineering.
  • Gretchen Muth, tenor saxophone, freshman, undeclared undergraduate.
  • Taygon Shaw, color guard, sophomore, textiles, merchandising and fashion design.


  • Jayleigh Fuller, piccolo, freshman, pre-health.
  • Jacob Fuqua, trombone, freshman, mechanical engineering.
  • Colin Jones, trombone, sophomore, nutrition and health sciences.
  • Dylan Kramer, trombone, freshman, software engineering.
  • Mackenzie Krull, horn, freshman, theatre.
  • Skyler Krull, percussion, junior, forensic science.
  • Cheyanne Pace, color guard, sophomore, pre-veterinary medicine.
  • Elijah Smith, trombone, sophomore, software engineering.

La Vista:

  • Cali Engel, trumpet, sophomore, fisheries and wildlife.


  • Keri Smith, clarinet, freshman, pre-veterinary medicine.


  • Gavin Addleman, alto saxophone, sophomore, undeclared undergraduate.
  • Nolan Benbow, clarinet, sophomore, broadcasting.
  • Savana Brakeman, trumpet, junior, political science and psychology.
  • Leo Bretta, trumpet, sophomore, computer science.
  • Joseph Bruner, tenor saxophone, sophomore, psychology.
  • Abigail Carstens, horn, senior, psychology.
  • Tori Coleman, color guard, freshman, pre-veterinary medicine.
  • Keira Cummins, alto saxophone, freshman, actuarial science.
  • Christian Dahlman, tenor saxophone, junior, mechanical engineering.
  • Josiah Dames, trombone, sophomore, secondary education (social science).
  • Kenna Dezort, piccolo, junior, elementary education.
  • Matthew Dohmen, percussion, junior, mechanical engineering.
  • Nikki Duero, color guard, sophomore, physics.
  • Kelly Fedderson, percussion, sophomore, chemical engineering.
  • Kason Fiedler, tuba, senior, music education.
  • Hayden Fuelberth, trombone, senior, music education.
  • Jake Green, trumpet, junior, mechanical engineering.
  • Tavin Grey, trombone, senior, nutrition and health sciences.
  • Hailey Haase, trumpet, junior, veterinary science.
  • Jessie Harlan, tenor saxophone, junior, psychology and political science.
  • Colton Harris, alto saxophone, junior, music.
  • Caleb Holmbeck, tenor saxophone, sophomore, secondary education (mathematics).
  • Zach Hosek, baritone, senior, accounting.
  • Kayla James, tenor saxophone, junior, hospitality, restaurant and tourism management.
  • Alyssa Johnson, color guard, senior, journalism, and advertising and public relations.
  • Greg Johnson, trumpet, sophomore, sports media and communication.
  • Janelle Johnson, trombone, sophomore, interior design.
  • Larsen Jorgensen, piccolo, sophomore, elementary education.
  • Nia Kaufmann, tuba, sophomore, insect science.
  • Hayden Kehn, clarinet, senior, physics.
  • Tristin Korinek, baritone, graduate student, architectural studies.
  • Rylen Lanning, percussion, sophomore, software engineering.
  • River Lemons, horn, senior, art.
  • Steffany Lien, twirler, graduate student, law.
  • Ian Maltas, drum major, senior, psychology and communication studies.
  • Jason Manzitto, alto saxophone, sophomore, music education.
  • Nadya Miller, piccolo, sophomore, psychology.
  • Seth Miller, baritone, senior, biochemistry.
  • Alyse Monismith, clarinet, senior, graphic design.
  • Sage Monismith, piccolo, freshman, architectural studies.
  • Avae’ Muir, piccolo, junior, speech-language pathology.
  • Alex Nguyen, horn, sophomore, accounting.
  • Trevin Overton, baritone, freshman, architectural studies.
  • Daniel Riedel, percussion, senior, computer science.
  • Claire Rohrs, color guard, freshman, secondary education (social science).
  • Grace Schirmer, horn, sophomore, elementary education.
  • Katherine Schmit, drum major, senior, music education.
  • Savannah Schutte, color guard, freshman, mathematics.
  • Tyler Senne, trombone, senior, software engineering.
  • Jaedynn Shively, color guard, sophomore, elementary education.
  • Cyphers Stewart, alto saxophone, junior, music education.
  • Velicity Sundling, color guard, freshman, criminology and criminal justice.
  • Andrew Tangen, trombone, freshman, undeclared undergraduate.
  • TJ Taylor, trumpet, junior, economics.
  • Gavin Teet, trumpet, senior, mathematics.
  • Victoria Thomas, piccolo, junior, secondary education (social science).
  • Megann Timm, color guard, sophomore, pre-veterinary medicine.
  • Jacob Vanderford, alto saxophone, junior, sports media and communication, and vocal performance.
  • Hannah Varenhorst-Johnson, piccolo, senior, psychology and business administration.
  • Frank Vogt, tenor saxophone, sophomore, secondary education (social science).
  • Jacob Vollbrecht, tuba, sophomore, music education.
  • Ian Vondrak, trombone, sophomore, broadcasting.
  • Addison Wanser, clarinet, senior, Spanish and business administration.
  • Jacob Weskamp, trombone, junior, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Hope Whitney, clarinet, senior, nutrition and health sciences.
  • Jackson Williams, trumpet, sophomore, music education.
  • Joel Williams, percussion, sophomore, music education.
  • Yasmin Worth, color guard, sophomore, pre-veterinary medicine.
  • Kirby Zinniel, trumpet, junior, music education.


  • Reid Preston, trombone, senior, agricultural economics.


  • Kylee Hauxwell, trumpet, senior, electrical engineering.

Nebraska City:

  • Luke Partsch, horn, junior, history and music.


  • David Fanta, trumpet, senior, civil engineering.
  • Austin Matthies, trumpet, senior, accounting.
  • MaKinzie Walton, alto saxophone, senior, psychology.

North Platte:

  • Drew Carlson, trumpet, freshman, emerging media arts.
  • Jack Carlson, alto saxophone, sophomore, music education.
  • Dawson McGahan, tuba, freshman, computer engineering.
  • Lexi Nolda, clarinet, freshman, biological sciences.
  • Steffani Nolda, drum major, senior, music education.
  • Annie von Kampen, piccolo, sophomore, music education.


  • Lilliana Baez-Leonard, color guard, freshman, art.
  • Jaynie Barber, color guard, senior, communication studies.
  • Will Bauer, percussion, sophomore, biological sciences.
  • Adam Blaker, percussion, freshman, journalism.
  • Alaina Blaker, tuba, senior, music education.
  • Tamario Brooks, percussion, senior, music performance.
  • Lauren Circo, trumpet, sophomore, interior design.
  • Travis Cloyd, tenor saxophone, freshman, chemical engineering.
  • Peyton Comer, percussion, freshman, finance.
  • Konner Corbin, trombone, freshman, computer engineering.
  • Karli Crawford, color guard, freshman, speech-language pathology.
  • Matt DeLong, tenor saxophone, sophomore, music education.
  • Luke Eckles, percussion, freshman, music.
  • Kylee Ellison, clarinet, sophomore, political science.
  • Katelyn Fucik, color guard, sophomore, interior design.
  • Caleb Geiger-Lee, trombone, senior, history.
  • Erica Harmon, color guard, junior, pre-health.
  • Nathan Hollenbeck, baritone, junior, marketing.
  • Jaeda Jeffries, clarinet, freshman, architectural studies.
  • Molly Kramer, piccolo, junior, music education.
  • Tanner Maas, horn, freshman, actuarial science.
  • Caroline Mattern, clarinet, senior, music education.
  • Emily Matuella, trombone, senior, psychology.
  • Charlie McIver, percussion, freshman, computer engineering.
  • Jamison Moissett, alto saxophone, freshman, civil engineering.
  • Allison Neuman, clarinet, sophomore, music education.
  • Will Nitzschke, tuba, freshman, civil engineering.
  • Dalin Plog, horn, senior, accounting.
  • Carter Ross, percussion, senior, civil engineering.
  • Grace Ruff, trumpet, senior, music education.
  • Tyler Ryan, percussion, freshman, software engineering.
  • Jake Schlosser, trombone, junior, political science.
  • Carson Scott, trumpet, senior, business administration.
  • Clara Smith, piccolo, senior, music education.
  • Savannah Snawerdt, color guard, freshman, elementary education and special education (K-6).
  • Kennedy Sommerer, color guard, sophomore, undeclared undergraduate.
  • Lukas Stelzle, tuba, senior, agricultural engineering.
  • Ryan Swierczek, horn, freshman, music education.
  • Bradley Theis, trumpet, senior, mechanical engineering.
  • Simon Thengvall, trumpet, junior, mechanical engineering.
  • Christina Van Haren, baritone, freshman, animal science.
  • Preston Ward, trombone, freshman, electrical engineering.
  • Olivia Whalen, color guard, senior, management.
  • Ethan Yaroch, horn, junior, economics and political science.


  • Kaden Polt, trumpet, freshman, biological sciences.


  • Gwen Leuschen, percussion, sophomore, music performance.
  • Kristopher Phillips, percussion, senior, nutrition and health sciences.


  • Josh Blazek, baritone, freshman, music.
  • Hunter Butterfield, percussion, freshman, business administration.
  • Courtney Clark, tuba, freshman, undeclared undergraduate.
  • Ellenna Divingnzzo, piccolo, sophomore, software engineering.
  • Anna Leahy, clarinet, freshman, music education.
  • Ashley Llewellyn, trumpet, freshman, animal science.
  • Gordon Lytle, tuba, junior, music education.
  • Josiah Mayfield, tenor saxophone, freshman, pre-engineering.
  • Kylie Muller, color guard, junior, emerging media arts.
  • Mallory Schendt, color guard, freshman, pre-law.
  • Madison Sides, color guard, senior, English and French.


  • Matthew Lentz, trombone, freshman, pre-health.


  • Edgar Torres, clarinet, senior, secondary education (social science).


  • Vilynn Decker, trumpet, sophomore, music education.


  • Alexah Fort, clarinet, junior, broadcasting.

South Sioux City:

  • Pierce Galvin, trombone, freshman, undeclared undergraduate.
  • Tanner Miller, alto saxophone, freshman, music education.


  • Kyra Scanlon, trumpet, sophomore, chemistry.
  • Avery Spicka, tuba, sophomore, music education.


  • Ben Gerdes, alto saxophone, sophomore, computer science.
  • Rachel Gerdes, trumpet, senior, chemical engineering.
  • Madysen Patire, clarinet, sophomore, undeclared undergraduate.
  • Kayla Pracht, horn, senior, music, and regional and community forestry.

Elsewhere in the U.S.



  • Matthew Whisenhunt, tuba, freshman, software engineering.


Grand Junction:

  • Vivika Ortiz, piccolo, freshman, forensic science.


  • Rachael Huxley, piccolo, junior, music performance.


  • Jayda Larsen, piccolo, senior, forensic science.


  • Savannah Anderson, trumpet, freshman, pre-health.
  • Nicholas Mowery, trumpet, freshman, construction management.
  • William Mowery, trumpet, senior, supply chain management.


  • Jessica Jacoby, clarinet, freshman, graphic design.



  • Colin Gaynor, clarinet, senior, actuarial science.


Buffalo Grove:

  • Clarissa Mason, clarinet, senior, biochemistry, microbiology and chemistry.


  • Cheyenne Bishop, horn, sophomore, music education.

Downers Grove:

  • Maxx Jabir, baritone, junior, computer science.


  • Lauren Plumley, clarinet, senior, mechanical engineering.


  • Elizabeth Heraty, horn, sophomore, elementary education.


  • Jordyn Guse, piccolo, junior, forensic science.


  • Maggie McCabe, color guard, sophomore, forensic science.

Mount Prospect:

  • Rowan Foort, trombone, senior, secondary education (social science).


  • Brandon Muff, tuba, freshman, music.


  • Roy Dumblauskas, piccolo, sophomore, computer science.


  • Cady Murphy, clarinet, junior, biological sciences.



  • Kalim Dumas, alto saxophone, senior, computer engineering.
  • Samuel Taylor, trumpet, senior, political science and communication studies.


  • Gabrielle Brady, percussion, sophomore, music education.
  • Carson Doss, color guard, sophomore, music.
  • Clara Freese, tuba, freshman, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Nate Petsche, trumpet, junior, music performance.
  • Avryn Schardt, percussion, sophomore, undeclared undergraduate.

Council Bluffs:

  • Ian Brungardt, trumpet, junior, biological systems engineering.


  • Griffin Schleimer, trumpet, sophomore, music education.


  • Abigail Ridder, percussion, senior, environmental studies and forestry.

North Liberty:

  • Spencer Knight, horn, sophomore, civil engineering.


  • Elijah Schuster, horn, freshman, nutrition and health sciences.
  • Josh Schuster, alto saxophone, freshman, pre-veterinary medicine.

Sioux Center:

  • Ellie Hurst, trumpet, sophomore, actuarial science.



  • Chloe Bogard, baritone, sophomore, broadcasting.


  • Elijah Hite, tuba, junior, business administration.
  • Abby Reasoner, percussion, sophomore, business administration.
  • Noah Stussie, tuba, junior, music.

Overland Park:

  • Laurel Carder, clarinet, junior, computer science.
  • Anna James, piccolo, sophomore, meteorology-climatology.
  • Matthew Lowry, alto saxophone, senior, music and psychology.
  • Madison van Ophem, horn, junior, forensic science.


  • Ellen Schnacker, alto saxophone, senior, music education.


  • Clayton Pettera, horn, junior, biochemistry.
  • McKenna Varlack, baritone, sophomore, psychology.



  • Robert Coleman, tuba, freshman, music.


White Lake:

  • Brooke Edwards, piccolo, sophomore, biological sciences.


Apple Valley:

  • Willem Shelleny, percussion, senior, biochemistry.

Eden Prairie:

  • Zach Howard, trumpet, junior, accounting.


  • Sarah Hawkinson, trumpet, junior, biochemistry.


  • Andrew Linden, trumpet, sophomore, music performance and business administration.


Kansas City:

  • Kaeleigh Cooper, clarinet, freshman, music.
  • Evan Ericksen, tenor saxophone, senior, secondary education (mathematics) and coaching.
  • Zach Howard, percussion, senior, music education.
  • Pierce Saylock, tenor saxophone, senior, marketing.



  • Maya Tanikawa-Brown, trumpet, sophomore, food science and technology.


  • Isabella Donia, piccolo, freshman, computer engineering.



  • Vivianne Clark, tenor saxophone, freshman, sociology.



  • Stephen North, baritone, sophomore, computer science.


  • Rori Johnson, horn, freshman, emerging media arts.



  • Audrey Fraser, trumpet, junior, psychology and sociology.


  • Chloe Hoover, trumpet, sophomore, management.



  • Anna Tews, piccolo, freshman, forensic science.

Sioux Falls:

  • Benjamin Breske, horn, senior, environmental studies/fisheries and wildlife.
  • Oscar Hansen, percussion, freshman, mechanical engineering.
  • Ben Nyberg, tuba, freshman, music.
  • Matthew Wang, trombone, freshman, computer science.


  • Melissa Graue, clarinet, senior, music education.



  • Jordan Chapin, trombone, junior, mechanical engineering.


  • Theodore Krieger, trumpet, junior, management.


  • Jayden Hoppner, tuba, freshman, mechanical engineering.

College Station:

  • Catelyn Cox, alto saxophone, freshman, nutrition and health sciences.


  • Kaitlyn Lee, color guard, junior, forensic science and entomology.



  • Rin D’Amico, tuba, freshman, music education.


De Pere:

  • Carter Powell, trombone, senior, computer science.


  • Lanae Maas, alto saxophone, junior, environmental education.

Eau Claire:

  • Hunter Foged, trumpet, senior, biological sciences.

Fond du Lac:

  • Nicole Elm, tuba, freshman, geology.

Little Chute:

  • Carrigan Hurst, twirler, senior, microbiology.

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