College of Law graduates outpace nation in employment success

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College of Law graduates outpace nation in employment success

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University of Nebraska College of Law

The University of Nebraska College of Law’s graduating class landed jobs in numbers well above national levels in 2014 — the fourth consecutive year the college’s employment placement rate has been well ahead of U.S. trends.

In its annual report on employment placement rates of recent law-school graduates, the American Bar Association recently stated that nationwide, 71 percent were employed in long-term jobs that either required or preferred a law degree.

At Nebraska, the rate was 87 percent – and it came as no surprise to Susan Poser, dean of the college.

The college has a record of outperforming national levels, she said.

“We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students and their ability to take the well-rounded education at Nebraska Law to find successful career paths in a wide variety of settings,” she said.

The ABA figures focused on graduates within 10 months of receiving their degrees. Nebraska graduates were placed in jobs both within the state and across the nation, including placements in state and federal government positions and at local, national and international firms, Poser said.

Nebraska Law offers a traditional curriculum interspersed with cutting-edge courses, such as International Law in the first year, an Entrepreneurship Clinic for third-year students, and the opportunity for students to tailor their program in their second and third years to develop expertise in one or two specialized areas of the law, Poser said.

“These consistently outstanding employment statistics demonstrate that law remains an excellent career choice, and first-rate legal education can be obtained at a very reasonable cost and lead to great outcomes at a state-supported institution like the University of Nebraska,” Poser said.

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