‘Claims drafting’ intellectual property webinar is Dec. 17

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‘Claims drafting’ intellectual property webinar is Dec. 17


NUtech Ventures is hosting a free webinar, “Claim Drafting Strategies for Stronger Patents,” at noon Dec. 17. The event is open to all Nebraska researchers.

RSVP for the event here. A Zoom link will be emailed the morning of the webinar.

The webinar features Bill Woodford, an attorney at Fish and Richardson law firm. Woodford will discuss practical advice for writing patent claims, known as claim drafting. Attendees will learn how to accurately describe an invention and avoid pitfalls that could reduce the value of a patent. Woodford will discuss various audiences who evaluate patent claims, including the patent office, potential licensees, district court judges and juries. He will also discuss claims issues related to case law and what happens when claim language is misinterpreted.

This presentation is geared toward audiences who have a general understanding of intellectual property. For background information, researchers are invited to watch NUtech’s ‘Intro to Intellectual Property’ webinar.

Additional resources are available at the United States Patent and Trademark website.

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