Chancellor outlines events that led to university's Anti-Racism Journey

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Chancellor outlines events that led to university’s Anti-Racism Journey

Chancellor Ronnie Green

In his most recent “Meditations and Musings” column, Chancellor Ronnie Green reflects on a “Convergence of Crises” — the COVID-19 pandemic and killing of George Floyd — and the launch of the university’s Anti-Racism Journey.

“Unfortunately, history shows us that this is not the first time such a journey is needed or warranted, “ Green said. “As I finish penning this message, I just concluded listening to the formative discussions of the Big Ten Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism Coalition. Commissioner Warrant asked me at the end of the call if I had one word to describe how I feel about these efforts — my response was ‘essential.’

“I challenge all of us to commit and to join in this journey as we build a stronger and better future for all. We can only make meaningful and sustained change by all of us working together.”

Green’s entire column and other “Meditations and Musings” are available for review here.

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