Chancellor heralds potential impacts of American Rescue Plan investments

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Chancellor heralds potential impacts of American Rescue Plan investments

'This is our chance not only to recover, but to grow and improve. Let's take it'
Chancellor Ronnie Green
Chancellor Ronnie Green

In an Oct. 14 op-ed in the Lincoln Journal-Star, Chancellor Ronnie Green detailed the importance of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s request to invest a portion of the state’s federal relief dollars to expand the Holland Computing Center and build a companion facility to the new USDA National Center for Regenerative and Resilient Precision Agriculture.

“Our two UNL proposals for American Rescue Plan funding will directly support the future of agriculture in Nebraska by boosting cutting-edge research to advance precision agriculture and crops that are more resilient,” Green wrote. “We will also provide additional high-speed computing resources to Nebraska businesses and our UNL researchers, focusing specifically on the growing opportunities in the use of artificial intelligence and critical cybersecurity needs.”

The proposals were among several from across the NU system outlined by Ted Carter, president of the NU system, during Oct. 5 testimony before the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee. Read more about the request here.

The chancellor’s entire op-ed is available for review in the Lincoln Journal-Star.

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