Chancellor finalizes $12M budget reduction

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Chancellor finalizes $12M budget reduction

In a Jan. 11 message to campus, Chancellor Rodney D. Bennett announced that the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has finalized $12 million in budget reductions. The final reduction plan mirrors a proposal announced Nov. 8 and updated Nov. 21.

The reductions, which eliminate a deficit the university has carried forward for a number of years, were developed with feedback provided by UNL’s Academic Planning Committee.

“This was an important process for UNL,” Bennett said. “While we must continue to work towards balancing our budget and understanding our financial constraints, I look forward to engaging all of you in the coming weeks and months in conversations about our future — who we want to be and what we want to look like.”

The chancellor’s message and a complete overview of the reductions is available on the university’s budget reduction website.

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