Campuswide alert issued on email phishing scam

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Campuswide alert issued on email phishing scam

The ITS security alert was generated by a phishing email scam that directs individuals to an official-looking website. However, the URL uses the wrong domain name.

The Information Technology Services security team has issued a new phishing scam alert to faculty, staff and students.

The scam involves an email about inactive library accounts. The message, which looks like it has been issued by Nancy Busch, dean of the University Libraries, requests individuals validate library accounts within 72 hours of receiving the email.

Michael Rutt, the security analyst for ITS, said a link in the email directs individuals to a very convincing website. The URL begins with “”

“The website looks official, but is actually the wrong domain,” Rutt said. “If anyone responds to this message, they should change their password right away. If the same password is used for any other system, change the password everywhere it is used.”

Faculty, staff and students should never click on or respond to any message that asks for credentials or personal information. UNL will never ask for individual login, password or other personal information via email.

Individuals who have responded to the email, should contact the Computer Help Center and change passwords that may have been accessed. Contact the Computer Help Center at 402-472-3970, 866-472-3970 or

For more information on this and other phishing scams, go to or contact the Computer Help Center at or 402-472-3970.

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