Campus planning, space management leadership split into interim roles

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Campus planning, space management leadership split into interim roles

Emily Casper and Jack Dohrman
Emily Casper and Jack Dohrman

Duties of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s director for campus planning and space management are being realigned into two distinct interim positions.

Announced by Bill Nunez, interim vice chancellor for business and finance, the change better connects the duties of the position with its leadership roles across the university. The move also comes after the recent departure of Jennifer Dam, who previously served in the director role.

Under the new alignment, Emily Casper, assistant director for landscape services and campus landscape architect, will serve as interim campus planner; while Jack Dohrman, senior space analyst, will serve as interim space manager.

“Campus planning and space management are critical areas and roles that directly support the university’s mission of distinction in academics, research and extension,” Nunez said. “These are unique positions that bridge between the operation and academic enterprises, and help translate and implement our strategic agenda into the university’s physical environment.”

The dual positions also allow the university to better contribute to unified services across the entire University of Nebraska system.

As interim campus planner, Casper will lead work to prepare, update and monitor the master plan that guides campus growth and development. The work builds upon the university’s strategic plan, ensuring that campus projects meet established guidelines for environmental and aesthetic considerations.

As interim space manager, Dohrman will be responsible for overseeing the allocation of space across the university. Those decisions are made to optimize the use of space as a resource and to advance the missions and strategic priorities of the university.

Both positions will work with university administrators, including the Office of the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Business and Finance, and facilities management and planning.

“Emily and Jack have vast experience in their respective roles and we are thrilled they agreed to take on these leadership duties,” Nunez said. “I look forward to working with them as we continue work to meet strategic goals and improve the university for students, faculty and staff.”

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