Campus facilities scheduled to start reopening on May 4

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Campus facilities scheduled to start reopening on May 4

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s weeklong, statewide celebration of its 150th anniversary opened Feb. 11.

The University of Nebraska system is planning a gradual reopening of its campuses starting on May 4.

The decision — announced in an April 21 email — does not change University of Nebraska–Lincoln plans for a digital commencement, cancelation of summer study abroad opportunities or offering courses only via remote access during summer sessions. It is also an extension of the NU system’s move to lessen the impacts of COVID-19.

“On May 4, if local conditions allow, we will anticipate that we will once again allow faculty and staff to physically come to campus if they need to while continuing to encourage remote work wherever possible,” said the message from university leaders.

Chancellor Ronnie Green will share further guidance on campus facilities as the date nears. Remote work will remain a focus as the university continues to move toward regular operations. Until May 4, only employees whose physical presence has been officially designated as necessary will be permitted on campus. Those employees should have received a letter via email allowing on-site work to continue. All other employees should work remotely until further notice.

You should have a letter signed by your chancellor or the president if you’re expected to report to work on-site when your job requires it. Otherwise, as most of us have been doing for some time, simply continue to work remotely until further notice.

“Thank you for all that you are doing to protect the health and safety of our community,” leaders said in the email. “The more we do to flatten the curve now, the sooner we can return to our more traditional routines of teaching, learning and working.”

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