‘Being Black in Lincoln’ project featured in Lincoln Journal Star

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‘Being Black in Lincoln’ project featured in Lincoln Journal Star

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For the third week in a row, journalism students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are being recognized on the front pages of Sunday’s Lincoln Journal Star newspaper.

Launched on June 12 with the profile of Albert Maxey, the Being Black in Lincoln depth-reporting project examining the lives of 12 prominent Black Lincoln residents, is being amplified by the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper in print and online. Maxey’s profile received 275 interteractions on Facebook and 80 comments.

The goal of the project was to provide Lincoln’s largely white community with an intimate look at the challenges of being Black in that community. More than 30 students applied for the 15-week depth-reporting class and 14 were selected to dramatically sharpen their research, interview, story structure and writing skills. In the end, 12 stories were written about Lincoln residents – former basketball players, BLM leaders, preachers, teachers, businessmen and former convicts – representing a diverse cross-section of the local Black community.

“These students worked furiously for 15 weeks and have now provided a rich and educational portrait of the everyday challenges of being Black in Lincoln – a portrait that has never existed before,” said Professor Joe Starita.

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