Awards place a spotlight on student organization achievements

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Awards place a spotlight on student organization achievements

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This week, Student Involvement announced the 2020 Student Impact Awards to honor students, advisors, and programs who made significant contributions to their student organization and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus during the previous year. Due to the COVID-19 closure, the awards were announced virtually via social media in a series of posts Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Sixty-nine nominations were received for the twelve award categories. Awards winners are listed in bold at the top of each list of nominees.

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Spectrum UNL

• Indian Students Association at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

• Engineers Without Borders

• Public Relations Student Society of America

Outstanding New Student Organization

Communication Studies Undergraduate Student Advisory Board

Outstanding Commitment to Recruitment

Engineers Without Borders

• Give Sight Global

Student Organization Philanthropy/Service Award

Dance Marathon

• Engineers without Borders

Outstanding Student Organization Member

Rainier Sarreal (Engineers Without Borders)

• Alyson Jesionowski (Dance Marathon)

• Fernada Souza Krupek (Agronomy and Horticulture Graduate Student Association)

• Rahul Prajapati (Indian Student Association)

• Clare Wilton (University of Nebraska Soil Judging Team)

• Jamie Brunken (Public Relations Student Society of America)

• Saima Hasnin (Bangladesh Student Association)

• Alex Hearty (Student Alumni Association)

Outstanding New Advisor

Jemalyn Griffin (Public Relations Student Society of America)

• Marianna Burks (Minority Pre-Health Association)

• Christine E. Wittich (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute)

• Laura Springer (Student Alumni Association)

Outstanding Advisor

Libby Jones (Engineers Without Borders - Nebraska University)

• Sylvana Airan (Agriculture Leadership Shields)

• Kathy Castle (Communication Studies Undergraduate Advisory Board)

• Karen Stelling (Aerospace Club)

• Becky Young (UNL Soil Judging Team)

Outstanding Student Organization Officer

Ryan Wolff (Student Alumni Association)

• Innocent Byiringiro (Agriculture Leadership Shields)

• Sofia Gavia (Sustain UNL)

• Shivani Tamkiya (Indian Students Association)

• Joshua Carlson (Aerospace Club)

• Cadence Hernandez (University of Nebraska Lincoln Soil Judging Team)

• Joel Mohrmann (Tau Beta Pi)

• Brenna Zollman (Public Relations Student Society of America)

• Jose De Sanctis (Agronomy and Horticulture Graduate Student Association)

Outstanding Student Organization President

Brittni McGuire (SustainUNL)

• Jason Chan (Nebraska University Malaysian Student Organization)

• John Strope (Theme Park Design Group)

• Mamun Sarker (Bangladesh Student Association)

• Murtaza Nuruddin Nalwala (India Students Association)

• Mary Schultz (Communication Studies Undergraduate Student Advisory Board)

• Nicholas Harp (National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln)

• Alexandre Tonon Rosa (Agronomy and Horticulture Graduate Student Association)

• Preston Noll (UNL Climbing Club)

• Jake Piccini (Spectrum UNL)

• Brianna Frisbie (Public Relations Student Society of America)

• Philamon Leon Hemstreet (Engineers Without Borders)

• Hwanhee Choi (Korean Student Association)

• Claire Berman (Student Alumni Association)

Program of the Year

Rwanda Night (Agriculture Leadership Shields & Rwandan Student Association)

• Design Challenge (Engineers Without Borders)

• The Green Bandana Project (Association of Students of the University of Nebraska)

• Diwali Night 2019 (India Students Association)

• International Mother Language Day (Bangladesh Student Association)

• #SpreadHopeNotFear (Public Relations Student Society of America)

• Program Workshop series: Are you ready to find a job? (Agronomy and Horticulture Graduate Student Association and Entomology Bruner Club)

• Young Alumni Academy/ Student Alumni Association CliftonStrengths Institute Dinner (Student Alumni Association)

Outstanding Student Organization

  • Spectrum UNL

  • Theme Park Design Group

  • India Students Association

  • Agronomy and Horticulture Graduate Student Association

  • Engineers Without Borders

Student Leadership Award

  • Carter Bracht

  • Emily Madsen

  • Sajjan Grover

  • Osler Antonio Ortez Amador

  • Jenna Knudtson

  • Sophie Menting

  • Alonzo Knight

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