Arts and Sciences, IANR take lead on climate resilience research

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Arts and Sciences, IANR take lead on climate resilience research

Platte River at sunset.
Craig Chandler | University Communication
Sunset over the Platte River in Nebraska.

Interdisciplinary endeavors at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are helping solve critical challenges in Nebraska and the world. That includes climate resilience research led by the the College of Arts and Sciences and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Learn more in the video below.

David Fitzgibbon | University Communication
Video: Spotlight on climate resilience research

As the university enters the third year of the strategic plan, campus leaders recently gathered to discuss progress made toward the document’s six aims and related goals. Videos from the discussions are being released through April 25 with a weekly theme tied to each of the N2025 aims. The third video published April 4 with a focus on the university’s interdisciplinary work.

Learn more about the N2025 Strategic Plan and the experiential learning aim.

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