APC budget hearing set for May 2

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APC budget hearing set for May 2

$2.9 million in proposed cuts to be reviewed

To gather feedback on the Fiscal Year 2019 budget reduction process, the Academic Planning Committee has scheduled a public hearing on proposed University of Nebraska-Lincoln budget reductions for 1:30 p.m. May 2 at the Nebraska Union, 14th and R streets.

To be considered are $2.9 million in proposed reallocations submitted by Chancellor Ronnie Green on April 18. The Academic Planning Committee (APC) has outlined the following steps for those who wish to respond to proposed reductions.

Written (email) notice of intent to testify at the scheduled budget hearing:

Written notice is not required to testify at the hearing, but to better coordinate the hearing schedule, the APC encourages all individuals wishing to respond to the proposals at the hearing submit a written (email) notice of intent to appear. This notice of intent is nonbinding and an individual or unit that expresses the intent to appear may later decline.

The written notice (email) of intent to appear should be sent to the Academic Planning Committee, at apc@unl.edu by 5 p.m. Apr. 28. The notice should contain the specific budget reduction(s) that the presenter intends to discuss, the presenter’s name and the presenter’s contact information. The notice may also include a written statement as described below; this may materially affect the impact of the presentation.

To submit a formal written (email) response to budget reduction proposals:

Written responses to budget reduction proposals are welcome and can be quite insightful and helpful to APC members during the review.

For written responses:

  • Include the reduction item that is being addressed;
  • Include the name, email, and phone number of the individual(s), and department, or unit head submitting the response; and
  • Limit written responses to two pages or less.

Refer to the “criteria section” of the procedures to be invoked for significant budget reallocations and reductions for guidance. Refer to particular sections if you are making an argument that reduction or elimination or reorganization is inadvisable.

Please direct written responses to the Academic Planning Committee, at apc@unl.edu by 5 p.m. Apr. 28.

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