Annual social indicators survey issues call for researchers

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Annual social indicators survey issues call for researchers

Polling Nebraskans

The Bureau of Sociological Research is making plans for the 2020 Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey.

Researchers are invited to consider adding questions for their own research objectives to this survey. Costs are estimated to be $7,500 a page, but researchers can purchase partial pages. The omnibus survey can be a valuable source of information regarding the opinions and behaviors of adult household residents in Nebraska.

Distributed by mail and conducted since 1977, the survey is completed by nearly 1,000 Nebraska adults annually. It has been recognized by researchers, state agencies and legislators as a scientific way to measure public opinion and behaviors regarding various issues that face Nebraskans.

The bureau works with researchers interested in participating to develop items for inclusion in the survey to best suit researchers’ needs and interests. It is a cost-effective way to obtain valuable survey data because the expense for obtaining basic demographic information (such as age, sex, family, employment, etc.) is shared by all participating researchers.

Researchers interested in participating, or who simply have questions about possible involvement should contact Lindsey Witt-Swanson or visit the survey website for more information.

Data collection is scheduled to begin July 2020 with client data delivered by November 2020. In order to stay on this timeline, the Bureau of Sociological Research would like to initiate discussions with prospective clients as soon as possible and no later than April 30.

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