Alumni association unveils redesigned Nebraska Quarterly

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Alumni association unveils redesigned Nebraska Quarterly

The alumni magazine was first published for members of the alumni association in 1905 under the moniker of “University Journal.”

Nearly 180,000 University of Nebraska–Lincoln alumni will receive Nebraska Quarterly, the redesigned and renamed alumni magazine Sept. 1.

The alumni magazine was first published for members of the alumni association in 1905 under the moniker of “University Journal.” Over the years the name has changed to “The Nebraska Alumnus,” “Nebraska” and “Nebraska Magazine.”

“While the title change isn’t revolutionary, it quickly lets readers know how often we publish and better alludes to its scholarly nature,” editor Kirstin Wilder said.

Wilder assumed the editor position in August 2016 and wanted to create a publication that is inclusive of all graduates, regardless of class year or current location.

“With the redesign, we aim to showcase stories, photography and artwork by Nebraska alumni,” Wilder said.

Each magazine will also include news from all nine colleges on campus and feature original photography. There will also be a section devoted to essays from university thought leaders on issues facing the campus. Alumni profiles will continue to be a part of the publication, along with new stories including, “All In” which looks at over-the-top Husker fans and “Whatever Happened To” which contrasts what a once high-profile student is doing as a graduate. The publication will conclude each issue with someone’s love story.

The fall edition features a cover story about the 1916 football team that traveled to Oregon by train to play football on the West Coast for the first time ever. The story features photographs and memorabilia found in the scrapbook of alumnus Sam Kellogg who was a member of that team. The story also reprints dispatches from the Daily Nebraskan, which had a reporter on board the eight-day journey.

The September magazine will be mailed to all alumni each year and the other three editions – publishing in December, March and June – will be sent to Nebraska Alumni Association members.

The Nebraska Alumni Association’s mission is to promote the achievements and aspirations of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln by engaging its students, alumni and friends. The NAA was founded in 1874 and currently serves 180,000 alumni.

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