93 Nebraska faculty receive promotion, tenure

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93 Nebraska faculty receive promotion, tenure

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln will award promotion and/or tenure to 93 faculty in 2023.
The University of Nebraska–Lincoln will award promotion and/or tenure to 93 faculty in 2023.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln will award promotion and/or tenure to 93 faculty in 2023.

Faculty receiving honors are listed below and at 2023 Promotion and Tenure.

Promoted to Associate Professor and Granted Tenure

  • Herita Akamah, Accountancy
  • Andrea Basche, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Brian Baugh, Finance
  • Marc Brennan, Special Education and Communication Disorders
  • Mary Alice Casto, Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design
  • Jessica Corman, Natural Resources
  • Frank Golf, Physics and Astronomy
  • Matthew Gormley, Educational Psychology
  • Kathryn Holland, Psychology & Women's and Gender Studies
  • Peisi Huang, Physics and Astronomy
  • Seunghee Kim, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Marc Maguire, Architectural Engineering and Construction
  • Kaustav Majumder, Food Science and Technology
  • Siamak Nejati, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • David Newton, Architecture
  • Jae Sung Park, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  • Xin Qiao, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Yeyin Shi, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Sandra Starkey, Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design
  • Todd Thornock, Accountancy
  • Ana Maria Velez Arango, Entomology
  • Liying Wang, Finance
  • Biyu Wu, Accountancy
  • Jinliang Yang, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Jiujiu Yu, Nutrition and Health Sciences
  • Kuan Zhang, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Shengchao Zhuang, Finance

Promoted to Professor and Granted Tenure

  • Mark Svoboda, Natural Resources

Promoted to Professor

  • Troy Anderson, Entomology
  • Peter Angeletti, Biological Sciences
  • Edward Balistreri, Economics
  • Nathan Conner, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
  • Dawne Curry, History & Ethnic Studies
  • Bedross Der Matossian, History
  • Katie Edwards, Educational Psychology
  • Yufeng Ge, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Richard Graham, Libraries
  • Patricio Grassini, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Kevin Hanrahan, Music
  • Lindsay Hastings, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
  • Tomas Helikar, Biochemistry
  • Amit Jhala, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Alice Kang, Political Science & Ethnic Studies
  • Emily Kazyak, Sociology & Women's and Gender Studies
  • Alok Kumar, Marketing
  • Rebecca Lai, Chemistry
  • Matthew Lambert, Special Education and Communication Disorders
  • Liz Lorang, Libraries
  • Joe Luck, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Dennis McChargue, Psychology
  • Kristi Montooth, Biological Sciences
  • Yunwoo Nam, Community and Regional Planning
  • Julie Peterson, Entomology
  • Dipak Santra, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Amy Schmidt, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Karina Schoengold, Agricultural Economics
  • Anthony B. Schutz, Law
  • Zhigang Shen, Architectural Engineering and Construction
  • Jeffrey Stevens, Psychology
  • Ryan P. Sullivan, Law
  • Dirac Twidwell, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Carlos Urrea, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Eric Weaver, Biological Sciences
  • Yanbin Yin, Food Science and Technology
  • Jinying Zhu, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Promoted to Associate Professor of Practice

  • Matthew Barrows, Architectural Engineering and Construction
  • Christopher Bohn, School of Computing
  • Allison Bonander, Communication Studies
  • Bradley Goetsch, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Carrie Hanson-Bradley, Child, Youth and Family Studies
  • Dawn Kopacz, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Brandon Kreiling, Architectural Engineering and Construction
  • Shane Moser, Finance
  • Vish Reddi, Architectural Engineering and Construction
  • Stephanie Valentine, Raikes School

Promoted to Professor of Practice

  • Stacy Adams, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Aaron Duncan, Communication Studies
  • Alisa Gilmore, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Erin Sayer, Biochemistry

Promoted to Research Associate Professor

  • Sruti Das Choudhury, Natural Resources
  • Michael Naldrett, Center for Biotechnology
  • Wen Qian, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Promoted to Research Professor

  • Sophie Alvarez, Center for Biotechnology
  • Martha Morton, Chemistry

Promoted to Extension Associate Professor

  • Saundra Frerichs, 4-H Youth Development

Promoted to Associate Extension Educator

  • Ben Beckman, Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 5
  • Kyle Broderick, Plant Pathology
  • Kathy Burr, 4-H Youth Development
  • Kerry Elsen, 4-H Youth Development
  • Brett Kreifels, 4-H Youth Development
  • Beth Nacke, Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 8

Promoted to Extension Educator

  • Jean Ann Fischer, Nutrition and Health Sciences
  • Audra Losey, Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 9

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