89 Nebraska faculty receive promotion, tenure

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89 Nebraska faculty receive promotion, tenure

The university is the only institution from Nebraska to be included in the volume and one of only 21 to be listed from Nebraska and neighboring states.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln will award promotion and/or tenure to 89 faculty in 2018. Faculty will be honored April 24 during a celebration at the Rococo Theatre.

Faculty receiving honors are listed below. For more information, go to the 2018 Promotion and Tenure website.

2018 Promotion and Tenure List

Promoted to Full Professor and Granted Tenure
  • Jian Wang, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Promoted to Full Professor
  • Eve Brank, Psychology

  • Nicholas Brozovic, Ag Economics

  • Matthew Cohen, English

  • Joel Cramer, Nutrition and Health Sciences

  • Michael Dodd, Psychology

  • Iker Gonzalez-Allende, Modern Languages and Literatures

  • Aaron Holz, Art, Art History and Design

  • Matthew Jockers, English

  • Ayse Kilic, Natural Resources

  • Paul Kononoff, Animal Science

  • Christopher Marks, Music

  • Patrice McMahon, Political Science

  • Angela Pannier, Biological Systems Engineering

  • Petronela Radu, Mathematics

  • Matthew Spangler, Animal Science

  • Sharon Teo-Gooding, Theatre and Film

  • Steven Thomas, Natural Resources

  • Eric Thompson, Economics

  • Brian Wardlow, Natural Resources

Promoted to Full Professor of Practice
  • June Griffin, English

  • Linda Young, Nutrition and Health Sciences

Granted Tenure
  • Haishun Yang, Agronomy and Horticulture
Promoted to Associate Professor and Granted Tenure
  • Anthony Albano, Educational Psychology

  • Caroline Burberry, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Soonkyu Chung, Nutrition and Health Sciences

  • Jennine Crucet, English and Ethnic Studies

  • Elizabeth Enkin, Modern Languages and Literatures

  • Trenton Franz, Natural Resources

  • Lauren Gatti, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

  • Douglas Golick, Entomology

  • Patricio Grassini, Agronomy and Horticulture

  • Jason Griffiths, Architecture

  • Ingrid Haas, Political Science

  • Michael Hebert, Special Education and Communication Disorders

  • Derek Heeren, Biological Systems Engineering

  • Tomas Helikar, Biochemistry

  • Justin Hurwitz, Law

  • Amitkumar Jhala, Agronomy and Horticulture

  • Yu Jin, Mathematics

  • Matthew Lambert, Special Education and Communication Disorders

  • John Loy, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

  • Lorraine Males, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

  • Fabio Mattos, Ag Economics

  • Colin McLear, Philosophy

  • Sidy Ndao, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

  • Nora Peterson, Modern Languages and Literatures

  • Liyan Qu, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Amanda Ramer-Tait, Food Science and Technology

  • Wayne Riekhof, Biological Sciences

  • Sangjin Ryu, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

  • Ty Schmidt, Animal Science

  • Amy Schmidt, Biological Systems Engineering

  • Clifford Stains, Chemistry

  • Gary Sullivan, Animal Science

  • Benjamin Terry, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

  • Dirac Twidwell, Agronomy and Horticulture

  • Kara Viesca, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

  • Ming Wang, Journalism and Mass Communications

  • Jifeng Yu, Management

  • Hongfeng Yu, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Jinying Zhu, Civil Engineering

Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor and Granted Tenure
  • Brett Stohs, Law
Promoted to Associate Professor of Practice
  • Aaron Duncan, Communication Studies

  • Michelle Hassler, Journalism and Mass Communications

  • Elina Ibrayeva, Management

  • Dipra Jha, Nutrition and Health Sciences

  • Scott Napolitano, Educational Psychology

  • Sam Nelson, Management

  • Shannon Rowen, Nutrition and Health Sciences

  • Manda Williamson, Psychology

  • Judith Wilson, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

Promoted to Full Research Professor
  • Ronald Faller, Civil Engineering

  • Michelle Graef, Center for Children, Families and the Law

  • Cody Knutson, Natural Resources

  • Daniel Snow, Natural Resources

Promoted to Research Associate Professor
  • Brian Bockelman, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Jennifer Nelson, Psychology

Promoted to Extension Educator
  • Karna Dam, Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center - Metro

  • Lisa Poppe, Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center - Metro

  • Tracy Pracheil, 4-H Youth Development

  • Robert Tigner, West Central Research and Extension Center

Promoted to Associate Extension Educator
  • Jennifer Epp, Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center - Northeast

  • Jean Ann Fischer, Nutrition and Health Sciences

  • Jill Goedeken, Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center - Northeast

  • Alyssa Havolvic, Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center - Metro

  • Katie Pleskac, Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center - Southeast

  • Laura Thompson, Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center - Southeast

  • Tyler Williams, Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center - Metro

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