6 to dos before your first (or second) saliva test

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6 to dos before your first (or second) saliva test

VIDEO: Click to learn more about how to prepare for the university's saliva-based testing program.

The university’s saliva-based testing program is easy, less-invasive and offers results in (most likely) less than 24 hours.

Individuals who plan to be on campus at the start of the spring semester must complete the first of two tests (with a negative result) by Jan. 25. Full details are available here. As you prepare for the saliva-based test experience, here are a few tips on how to make the process even easier.

  • Do watch the COVID-19 saliva testing video (at top) so you know what to expect.

  • Do schedule a convenient appointment at one of the university’s 13 collection sites, using the Safer Community app or web portal.

  • Do arrive five minutes prior to the appointment. Allow at least 15 minutes — including line wait time — to complete the test.

  • Do have the Safer Community app ready and bring a photo ID (such as an NCard, driver’s license or passport). If you do not have a smartphone, bring an ID and be ready to provide your name and NU ID number.

  • Do drink plenty of water on the day of the test.

  • Do not eat anything — including chewing gum, lozenges, cough drops, lollipops, suckers, etc. — or use things like tobacco products, lipstick-like products or mouth wash 30 minutes prior to a test. Water can be ingested up to 10 minutes prior to collecting a sample.

Learn more about the testing and how it works — along with many other related questions and answers — here.

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