221 Husker undergrads receive stipends for research projects

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221 Husker undergrads receive stipends for research projects

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has awarded stipends to 202 Husker undergraduates — including 10 School of Computing students — to participate in research with a faculty mentor this fall.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has awarded stipends to 221 Husker undergraduates to participate in research with a faculty mentor during the 2023-24 academic year.

Nebraska’s Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience Program supports undergraduates to work with faculty mentors in research or creative activities. Students receive stipends of $2,400 to engage in intensive research or creative activity for 10 hours per week. The students’ projects span academic disciplines including engineering, chemistry, modern languages and literatures, psychology, art and art history, architecture, special education, and fisheries and wildlife.

For more information on undergraduate research at Nebraska, click here.

Following is a list of students by hometown who received UCARE awards, with their year in school, academic major(s) and project title.



  • Hank Ball, junior, emerging media arts, “Speculative Design + Build: Expanded Realities 2.0.”


  • Carley Conover, senior, biological systems engineering, “Characterization of THP-1 Monocytes for Extracellular Nitric Oxide Production.”
  • Darian Draft, junior, psychology, “Sexual Abuse History, Internalizing Problems, and Social Problems in Youth.”
  • Chelsea Hanway, senior, anthropology, “Wakara’s America: Mapping the Untold Story of the Indian Founding Father of the American West.”
  • Jacob Larsen, senior, chemistry, “Non-Invasive Early Detection of Lung Cancer Through Quantification of Nitric Oxide in Exhaled Breath.”
  • Nathan Roberts, senior, electrical engineering, “Designing Generalizable Deep Learning Algorithms for Computer Vision.”
  • Rhiannon Strazdas, junior, architectural studies, “Steven Holl Architectural Guidebook.”


  • Jenica David, senior, biochemistry, “Mitochondrial Transformation in Arabidopsis.”
  • Joiner Pfister, junior, chemical engineering, “Synthetic Biology Toolkit for Paraburkholderia sacchari to Enhance Native Bioplastic Production.”


  • Samuel Lawton, junior, emerging media arts, “Speculative Design + Build: Expanded Realities 2.0.”
  • Peter Lux, sophomore, mechanical engineering, “Improvement of Wearable Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Increased Energy Production.”
  • Nick Wayman, sophomore, chemical engineering, “Zinc Air Battery Improvements Using Novel Metalloporphyrin Electrocatalysts.”


  • Elizabeth Pernicek, junior, architectural studies, “Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder in Rural Nebraska: Addressing Health Disparity Through Community Engagement.”

Cedar Bluffs:

  • Hailey Anderson, junior, physics, “Exploring Electronic Phenomenon in Heterostructure of van der Waals Layered CuInP2S6 and Ferroelectric Oxide.”


  • Lauren Behnk, senior, psychology, “Sense of Belonging and Its Relationship With Student Success.”


  • Carlos Bueno, junior, computer science, “Building Browser Extensions for Instagram and TikTok to Increase Algorithmic Media Literacy and Shape Attitudes Toward Algorithms.”
  • Maegan Ludena-Llanos, junior, architectural studies, “Weather Ready Farms.”


  • Jessie Grieser, senior, architectural studies, “Prairie State Forestry Archive: North Dakota New Deal Conservation Documentation at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities.”


  • Pyper Haarala, senior, actuarial science, “Gender, Disability and Crime: A Research-Based Fiction Writing Project.”
  • Arabella Hodges, senior, biochemistry, “Evaluation of Rapid Next-Generation Sequencing Methods to Detect and Assembly the Genomes of Elusive Viral Pathogens.”
  • Mason Mandolfo, senior, philosophy, “Development of Culture and Quantification Protocols for Gut Bacteria That Promote Antitumorigenic Responses.”
  • Avery Marquis, junior, nutritional science and dietetics, “Alzheimer’s Disease Antidote May be in the Form of a Viral Peptide.”
  • Jake Rance, sophomore, computer science, “Enhancing Conceptual Learning in CS and STEM Classrooms Through a Web Tool for Student-Generated Analogy Development.”


  • Jo Sayer, junior, history, “Historical Animation Continuation.”


  • Hunter DeBoer, senior, mathematics, “Canine Impulsivity as it is Affected By Owner Presence and Previous Training (The Wait-for-Treat Task).”
  • Logan Hake, junior, microbiology, “Susceptibility of PRRSV With Various CD-163 Orthologs.”


  • Tyler Downey, sophomore, mechanical engineering, “Novel Wheel-Leg Model and Design for a Pipe-Navigation Robot.”

Grand Island:

  • Samuel Harvey, senior, mechanical engineering, “Calibrating and Characterizing a Therapeutic Ultrasound Patch Through Computational Modeling.”
  • Chris Nguyen, senior, architectural studies, “Firewall House and Curved CLT Composites Collaboration.”
  • Courtney Toner, junior, speech-language pathology, “Evaluating and Assessing Social Interaction Between Parents and Their Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder.”
  • Kennedy Whiting, senior, microbiology, “Effects of Larval Sodium Intake on Metabolic Demand and Energy Allocation in Danaus plexippus.”


  • Noah Hadley, senior, English, “Anticolonialism in World Empires.”
  • Sam Ingledue, senior, software engineering, “Generating Graphical Explanations for Decision Support.”
  • Nathan Reineke, senior, agricultural engineering, “Diamond Quantum Microscopy for Biosensing.”


  • Sara Burbach, junior, nutritional science and dietetics, “Investigating How and Why Undergraduate Biology Professors Modify Open Educational Resource Materials.”


  • Calan Brant, junior, mechanical engineering, “Mitigation of Electromigration in Liquid Metal Conductors.”
  • Nathan Nordby-Bryson, senior, psychology, “Exploring an Intuitive and Preferential Display Design for Brain-Computer Interface Based Alternative and Augmentative Communication Devices for Adults and Children.”
  • Christine Phuong, junior, biochemistry, “Mechanisms Promoting Toxicity of Excess Fat by Copper Deficiency.”
  • Jillian Smith, senior, biological systems engineering, “Elucidating the Role of Age, Matrix Stiffness and Shear Stress in Regulating Endothelial Cell Phenotype.”


  • Brennan Harms, junior, mechanical engineering, “Development of a Microfluidic Device for Simultaneous Application of Tension and Flow to Endothelial Cells.”


  • Sydney Hobza, senior, speech-language pathology, “Exploring the Roles of Syntax and Working Memory in Reading Comprehension in Down Syndrome.”
  • Chanasei Ziemann, senior, biological sciences, “Knockout of PS-IRF9 Gene.”


  • Matthew Dahlke, junior, music education, “Resurrecting Xaver Scharwenka’s Lone Opera: ‘Mataswintha.’”
  • Maddie Wegner, senior, animal science, “Effects of Milk Consumption on Reproductive Development of Neonatal Boars.”

La Vista:

  • Ella Humphrey, sophomore, fisheries and wildlife, “The Thermal Tolerances and Heat Shock Protein Regulation of Bigmouth Shiners from Nebraska Sandhills Streams.”
  • Katherine Kastens, sophomore, art, “Glaze and Clay Body Development.”


  • Said Al Mahrouqi, senior, interior design, “Editing, Curating and Contributing to a Database of Architectural Photography.”
  • Bakir Al-Ameri, junior, mechanical engineering, “Modern No-Emission Cooling Systems for Nebraska.”
  • Ellie Arauza, junior, biochemistry, “Cataloging of Matrix Effects on Metabolite NMR Chemical Shifts of 2D 1H-13C HSQC.”
  • Elise Benson, sophomore, architectural studies, “Operational Landscapes of the Great Plains.”
  • Landyn Bish, junior, architectural studies, “Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder in Rural Nebraska: Addressing Health Disparity Through Community Engagement.”
  • Ethan Clinchard, junior, political science, “Nebraska Holocaust Survivor and WWII Veteran Network and Educational Portal.”
  • Andrew Cook, senior, mechanical engineering, “Computational Models of Acoustic Microswimmers.”
  • Chloe Deabler, junior, biological systems engineering, “Expansion of Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells.”
  • Olivia Farmen, junior, biological systems engineering, “Analyzing Functional Transcranial Doppler Data With Linear Models.”
  • Zainab-Marie Funnah, sophomore, psychology, “To Enter Africa From America and U.S. Law and Race Initiative.”
  • Alex Gee, senior, emerging media arts, “Speculative Design + Build: Expanded Realities 2.0.”
  • Kyle Givens, sophomore, chemical engineering, “Microglial Interactions Through Amino Acid Metabolism.”
  • Sri Govindarajan, sophomore, biological sciences, “Investigating the Change in Survival of Different Mito-Nuclear Genotype Flies When Exposed to Different Kinds of Environment and Pathogen.”
  • Lincoln Graham, sophomore, emerging media arts, “Narrative Systems and Performative AI Part 2.”
  • Sydney Gubbels, junior, secondary education, “Exploring Motivation With High School Students.”
  • Jordan Harper, sophomore, English, “Advancing ‘Fanny Fern in the New York Ledger.’”
  • Will Hernandez, senior, environmental science, “Changes in Particle Size Over 60 Years of Crop Production in Nebraska.”
  • Marley Hewitt, junior, emerging media arts, “Q-BASS.”
  • Inas Hskan, sophomore, textiles, merchandising and fashion design, “Design and Fabrication of Knitted Garments by Yarns of Pure Protein Fibers From Chicken Feathers and From the Two-Way Blends With Silk and Rayon.”
  • Linh Hua, junior, chemical engineering, “Determine the Residues of SRSF2 Involved in 7SK RNA Binding.”
  • Anisha Kadubandi, junior, biological sciences, “Differentially Expressed Genes Associated with Preeclampsia.”
  • Wyatt Koppold, senior, biochemistry, “Reduction of Fe(III) Utilizing FeAm09 Species; Performing NDFO Using Fe Reducing FeAm09.”
  • Marina Kushner, sophomore, art history and criticism, “Using Microscopy and the Unity Molecular Formula to Reformat the Traditional Chinese Jun Glaze.”
  • Khanh Le, sophomore, mathematics, “Capacitive Sensors for Measurement of Nanoscale Distances.”
  • Sydnee Lybarger, sophomore, psychology, “The Sexual Reward and Sexual Behavior Comparisons Between Heterosexual Women and Bisexual Women.”
  • Morgan Madsen, junior, geology, “Geophysical Mapping and Modeling of Propagator Wakes in Regions of Differing Seismicity in the Cascadia Subduction Zone.”
  • Maxwyll McConnell, senior, biological systems engineering, “Microscale Intrinsic Property Testing of Lacunae in Trabecular Bone Biopsies of Type 1 Diabetic Women.”
  • Marissa Mendez-Santiago, sophomore, biochemistry, “Effect of Unsaturated Fatty Acids in the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.”
  • Benjamin Morgan, sophomore, architectural studies, “Prairie State Forestry Archive: North Dakota New Deal Conservation Documentation at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities.”
  • Humaid Musallam Hamed Muslem Al Hinai, senior, landscape architecture, “Quantifying the Landscape Performance of Fishtail Park.”
  • Paige Myers, junior, chemistry, “Examining Current and Generational Bumble Bee Foraging and Reproductive Success Across Different Habitats With High (Agricultural), Medium (Urban) and Low (Prairie) Pesticide Exposure Risk.”
  • Alex Napolitano, junior, environmental studies, “Factors Regulating Carbon Stocks in a Depressional Wetland System.”
  • Jennie Nguyen, junior, chemistry, “RMB7 Solubility and Interactions With ZCCHC8 Protein In Vitro and Vivo.”
  • Kiet Nguyen, junior, landscape architecture, “Prairie State Forestry Archive: South Dakota New Deal Conservation Documentation at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities.”
  • Jenny Olander, senior, electrical engineering, “Alignment and Calibration of Complex Optical Systems Using Machine Learning.”
  • Luke Olson, junior, computer science, “Long-Read Sequencing and Comparative Genomics Analysis of a Beneficial Microbial Genus in the Massilia Family.”
  • Sarah Omar, junior, psychology, “The Role of Traumatic Stress in Family Functioning and Early Child Socioemotional Development.”
  • Patricia Parish, sophomore, child, youth and family studies, “Exploring Self-Efficacy Through Youth Participatory Action Research.”
  • Lars Pedersen, senior, physics, “Photo-Detachment of Positronium Negative Ion by Time-Delayed Circularly Polarized Pulses.”
  • Taylor Powell, sophomore, art, “Art/Work, Painting Assistant for Byron Anway.”
  • Michael Ryan, junior, emerging media arts, “Q-BASS.”
  • Zein Saleh, sophomore, political science, “Analyzing Racial Threat in the Context of Racial Conspiracy Endorsement.”
  • Jordan Schlautman-Sudik, senior, chemical engineering, “Using Vitamin E Encapsulated Lipid Nanoparticles to Alter the Progression of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.”
  • Alora Schneider, junior, environmental studies, “Mitochondrial and mtDNA Dynamics in Arabidopsis Hypocotyl Cells.”
  • Joe Staab, sophomore, biochemistry, “Stable GFP Labeling of the Stabilins.”
  • Tatiana Startseva, senior, physics, “Simultaneous Calibration of Antenna Locations and n(z) for the Radio Neutrino Observatory in Greenland.”
  • Elizabeth Struwe, senior, nutritional science and dietetics, “Effects of Nitrosatable Prescription Medications, Acetaminophen, and Exposure of Pesticides and Pesticide Runoff on Birth Outcomes.”
  • Natasja Swanson, sophomore, history, “Anticolonials: A World History.”
  • Anna Synya, junior, criminology and criminal justice, “Petitioning For Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”
  • Amir Tarkian, junior, computer science, “Magnetic Properties of Ta/Cox(FeB)1-x/Pt Films and Fe-Ge Nanostructures.”
  • Rohan Tatineni, senior, biochemistry, “Characterizing the Structure of and Investigating Residues Involved in Substrate Binding in LaPhzS.”
  • Sydney Weintz, senior, architectural studies, “Prairie State Forestry Archive: North Dakota New Deal Conservation Documentation at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities.”
  • Connor Weyers, junior, software engineering, “Examine Machine Learning Models to Annotate Protein Families From Microbial Communities.”
  • Lilly Young, junior, English, “Digitizing Willa Cather.”


  • Robert Bauer, junior, biochemistry, “Clostridioides difficile Adhesion Through Type IV Pili.”
  • Lexi Hauxwell, junior, biochemistry, “What is HCMV UL3 and How Can It be Used as a Drug Target.”


  • Maddy Reeves, junior, chemistry, “Synthesis of a Monoradical and Coupling to Create a High-Spin Diradical.”


  • Abbie Summers, senior, speech-language pathology, “What are the Differences in Social Communication of Autistic Males Versus Females?”

North Platte:

  • Hannah Fitzpatrick, senior, veterinary science, “Canine Numerical Study.”


  • Jordyn Schommer, senior, pre-veterinary medicine, “The Use of Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) With an Infrared Biotyper (IR Biotyper) to Establish Classifiers for Major Serogroups of Moraxella bovis Based on Spectral Profiles From Surface Pili.”


  • Taylor Adams, senior, chemical engineering, “Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes.”
  • Zoey Armstead, junior, biochemistry, “Chromatin Analysis Assays for Dissection of Protein-DNA Interactions in Plants and Bacteria Exposed to Stresses.”
  • Mikaela Christensen, senior, forensic science, “Production of Influenza B Vaccine from Isolated Recombinant Protein of Baculovirus.”
  • Caden Connealy, junior, biochemistry, “Impacts and Implications of the One-to-Stop Codon Preference in Certain Flaviviruses.”
  • Betty Dessie, senior, microbiology, “Investigating the Age-Dependent Role of PMK-1 Pathway Functions During S. maltophilia Infection.”
  • Ethan Dunn, senior, political science, “Petitioning For Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”
  • Morgan Ferrin, senior, civil engineering, “Ultrasonic Surface Wave Measurements of Additive Manufacturing Components During Production.”
  • Himanshu Gandhi, junior, microbiology, “Utilizing Binary Growth Cultures and Genome Annotations to Explore Bacterial Diversity.”
  • Ella Gbetanou, junior, ethnic studies, “Forcibly Removed: Homeland Detachments of International and Indigenous Refugees.”
  • Matthew Gillespie, junior, economics, “Cost Curves and Affordable Health Care: An Analysis of Government’s Effect on Baumol’s Cost Disease.”
  • Harper Gordman, junior, psychology, “Nebraska Stories of Humanity.”
  • Kailyn Gray, junior, English, “To Enter Africa From America and US Law and Race Initiative.”
  • Bryce Herrington, senior, physics, “Magnetic Properties of Ta/Cox(FeB)1-x/Pt Films and Fe-Ge Nanostructures.”
  • Ryan Heser, sophomore, biochemistry, “Chromatin Analysis Assays for Dissection of Protein-DNA Interactions in Plants and Bacteria Exposed to Stresses.”
  • Laura Kirshenbaum, senior, biochemistry, “Increasing Dynamic Range in Methanogens Through Recombinant Expression of the T7 Promoter System.”
  • Luke McDermott, junior, political science, “REU Site: Digital Legal Research Lab.”
  • Alessandra Meza, senior, plant and landscape systems, “Investigating Double-Strand Break Repair in Mitochondrial DNA in Arabidopsis.”
  • Delanie Ness, junior, political science, “Petitioning for Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”
  • Paul Owens, junior, computer science, “Enhancing Conceptual Learning in CS and STEM Classrooms Through a Web Tool for Student-Generated Analogy Development.”
  • Grace Parolek, senior, psychology, “Parent-Child Conflict Resolution: The Role of Parents’ Conflict Styles and Self-Regulation Skills.”
  • Magdalene Peklo, senior, mechanical engineering, “Role of Turgor Pressure on Plant Cell Growth.”
  • Clara Perez, senior, computer science, “Differences in Microaggressions, Sense of Belonging and Self-Efficacy in Undergraduate Female Students Across Software Engineering and Social Sciences.”
  • Sam Peterson, sophomore, chemical engineering, “Zinc-Air Battery Improvements Using Novel Metalloporphyrin Electrocatalysts.”
  • Kayli Pham, junior, speech-language pathology, “Acoustic Predictors of Listeners’ Gender Perceptions.”
  • Ashley Prow, senior, food science and technology, “Foaming Capacity, Foaming Stability and Bioaccessibility of Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Plant Milk Proteins.”
  • Madeline Reisbig, junior, sports media and communication, “An Evolving Field: How Sports Media is Taught to Undergraduate College Students.”
  • Karen Rodriguez, junior, philosophy, “The Role of Social Networks and Loneliness in Discrimination-Related Stress Resilience Among Hispanic Immigrant Women in Nebraska.”
  • Callan Schroder, sophomore, biological sciences, “Stable GFP Labeling of the Stabilins.”
  • Eliana Siebe-Walles, senior, history, “The Impact of the Schmalkaldic War (1546-1555) on Protestant Reformer Communication Networks.”
  • William Singh, senior, biochemistry, “What is the Mechanism of Stabilin-2’s Interactions With Heparin?”
  • Luke Skrabal, senior, biological sciences, “Engineering Exosomes for Targeted, Nonviral Gene Delivery to Cardiovascular Cell Lines for Treatment of Diabetic Cardiomyopathy.”
  • Simon Thengvall, senior, mechanical engineering, “Additive Manufacturing and Plating Processes for Aerospace Environments.”
  • Katie Tran, junior, nutritional science and dietetics, “Priming Antiviral Immunity in Plants.”
  • Sage Veomett, junior, fisheries and wildlife, “The Effect of Low Levels of Pyraclostrobin Fungicide on Western Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma mavortium).”
  • Sara Wallace, junior, biological systems engineering, “Role of Oxidative and Electrophilic Stress on the Keap1-Nrf2-ARE Pathway Following Traumatic Brain Injury.”


  • Dannielle Schutz, senior, biological sciences, “Exploring Hormone Perception Interactions with Contraceptives and Sexual Functioning in Women.”


  • Katya Faber-Quimby, senior, microbiology, “Determining Impacts of Corn Silage Substrate Concentration on Hydrogen Production from Beef Cattle Manure.”
  • Kaitlyn Hart, senior, biological sciences, “Elucidation of Transmission Pathways of SARS-CoV-2 Between Human and Non-Human Animal Populations and Impacts of Non-Human Viral Reservoirs.”
  • Dani Koch, junior, psychology, “Using Interparental Conflict, Parental Emotion Regulation and Child Temperament to Predict Child Emotion Regulation.”
  • Matthew Koenig, senior, chemical engineering, “Electrical Power Generation Via Reverse Electrodialysis Using Lignocellulosic Biomass-Based Ion Exchange Membranes.”
  • Ashley Llewellyn, sophomore, animal science, “The Genomic Investigation of Unique Coat Color Variants in Yak.”
  • Sydney Miller, sophomore, chemistry, “Investigation of New Agents for Prevention and/or Treatment of Acute Radiation Syndrome.”
  • Xander Muniz, junior, emerging media arts, “Q-BASS.”
  • Ruthi Zielinski, senior, physics, “Electronic Transport Phenomena in Boron Carbide Films.”


  • Grant Schneider, senior, biological sciences, “SARS-CoV-2 Nonhuman Hosts Genome Project.”
  • Aleea Stanford, junior, mechanical engineering, “Accurate Finite Element Modeling of Lap-Jointed Oscillators Undergoing Loosening.”

Pleasant Dale:

  • Anna Schmit, junior, pre-veterinary medicine, “Association of Moraxella bovis Genotype With Geographic Location and Host Factors in Cattle.”


  • Wil Fiddelke, sophomore, electrical engineering, “Wearable Technologies to Improve Health Monitoring.”
  • Luke Keilig, junior, art, “Bryan East Mosaic Mural.”
  • Charles McCoy, senior, mechanical engineering, “Characterizing Curing Methods to Optimize the Tensile Strength of UV Cured 3D Printing Resins.”
  • John Vacek, senior, chemistry, “Student Attachment Styles as Predictors of Student Success in Chemistry Courses.”


  • Adrien Palomo, junior, computer science, “Generating Graphical Explanations for Decision Support.”
  • Michael West, sophomore, computer science, “Generating Graphical Explanations for Decision Support.”


  • Jarod Harris, senior, chemical engineering, “Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes.”


  • Sunny Mellick, senior, fisheries and wildlife, “Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys volans) Nesting Behavior and Vocalizations.”


  • Joshua Giesler, junior, microbiology, “Biodegradation of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) by Pleurotus ostreatus and Stropharia rugosoannulata: Optimization of Growth Conditions.”
  • Lauren Kasparek, senior, computer science, “Applying Machine Learning to Vectorize Phylogeny Trees.”


  • Madisyn Reichert, senior, biological sciences, “Understanding Drive Elements Through the Investigation of Disorder on X (Dox) Genes.”


Phoenix, Arizona:

  • Bethany Barnwell, senior, business administration, “Prediction of ADHD Diagnosis and Concussion History with Brain Scan Data.”

Tucson, Arizona:

  • Dane Chamberlin, junior, global studies, “Western Treatment of Islam.”

Castle Pines, Colorado:

  • Vanessa Hubing, sophomore, biological sciences, “The Mechanism for Successful Interferon Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.”

Denver, Colorado:

  • Jackson Ness, sophomore, anthropology, “Reinvigorating UNL’s Kruger Miniature Collection for Research and Education.”

Fort Collins, Colorado:

  • Sally Johnson, junior, elementary education, “Willa Cather Archive.”

Highlands Ranch, Colorado:

  • Reed Rohr, senior, biochemistry, “Does Heparin Bind Rodent Stabilin-2?”

Lone Tree, Colorado:

  • Emma Knezevic, junior, insect science, “Examining Current and Generational Bumble Bee Foraging and Reproductive Success Across Different Habitats With High (Agricultural), Medium (Urban) and Low (Prairie) Pesticide Exposure Risk.”

Chicago, Illinois:

  • Devin Shaughnessy, junior, elementary education and special education (K-6), “Exploring Reading Comprehension Skills in Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities.”

Plainfield, Illinois:

  • Juan Silva, senior, physics, “A New Mechanism for Warm Dark Matter Production in the Early Universe.”

Shorewood, Illinois:

  • Kaden Monk, sophomore, mechanized systems management, “Autonomous Tendering of Unmanned Ground Vehicles by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.”

Westmont, Illinois:

  • Aleksandra Glowik, senior, psychology, “Ideology and Its Impact on the Moral Differences Between Males and Females.”

Wheaton, Illinois:

  • Michael Macabobby, sophomore, biochemistry, “Determining the Mechanism of Chlorovirus Attachment to Paramecium bursaria.”

Ankeny, Iowa:

  • Kaitlyn Richards, senior, environmental studies, “Identifying Nitrate Transformation in the Vadose Zone to Protect Groundwater Quality.”

Council Bluffs, Iowa:

  • Ailenn Castillo, senior, forensic science, “Elimination of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A (VEGFA) in Granulosa Cells and Effects on Female Fertility.”

Glenwood, Iowa:

  • Quin Barton, junior, biological sciences, “Characterizing, Genotyping and Phenotyping a Novel Polyextremotolerant Fungus.”

Le Mars, Iowa:

  • Chloe Calhoun, senior, food science and technology, “Use of UVC for Decontamination of Biofilms on Food Contact Surfaces.”

Derby, Kansas:

  • Gia Alicea, sophomore, biological sciences, “Supporting Student Engagement With Homework Assignments to Promote Success in Entry-Level Biology Courses.”

Lawrence, Kansas:

  • Lydia Storm, junior, biochemistry, “Elucidating the Role of CWH8, IFD6 and ADH2 in Farnesol Production and Regulation in the Fungal Pathogen Candida albicans.”

Olathe, Kansas:

  • Rudra Dixit, senior, biological sciences, “Microbiome Role in Susceptibility to Disease in a Population Copathogen System.”
  • Grant Henrichs, sophomore, biochemistry, “Generation and Characterization of Atox1 Gene-Deficient Hepatocytes.”

Overland Park, Kansas:

  • Connor Herridge, junior, mechanical engineering, “Robot-Assisted Acoustic End Effector.”
  • Anna Levorson, senior, biological systems engineering, “Development of an In Vitro Model to Test Neuroinhibition of Microparticles.”
  • Rachel Summers, senior, environmental studies, “Nebraska Holocaust Survivor and WWII Veteran Network and Educational Portal.”

Shawnee, Kansas:

  • Kelly VandenBos, senior, biological sciences, “Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Social Interactions Between Parents and Their Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

Hamilton, Michigan:

  • Luke Freyhof, senior, biological systems engineering, “Differentiation of C3H10T1/2 Cells Via Levitation in TinyLev: A Single-Axis Multi-Emitter Acoustic Levitator.”

Brainerd, Minnesota:

  • Addison Hillman, junior, animal science, “Investigation of Novel Genetic Variation in Cattle.”

Hutchinson, Minnesota:

  • Emma Conradi, junior, speech-language pathology, “Exploring the Receptive Language Abilities of Children with Down Syndrome.”

Lakeville, Minnesota:

  • Amber Gryga, junior, psychology, “The Role of Parental Motivation for Parenting Behaviors Across Different Tasks.”

Marshall, Minnesota:

  • Malia Bloemker, senior, psychology, “Parent-Child Conflict Resolution: The Role of Parents’ Conflict Styles and Self-Regulation Skills.”

Minneapolis, Minnesota:

  • Elizabeth Weber, senior, mathematics, “Quantifying Information Content in Highly Chaotic Dynamical Systems.”

Woodbury, Minnesota:

  • Abigail Hanson, senior, history, “Nebraska Holocaust Survivor and WWII Veteran Network and Educational Portal.”

Ashland, Missouri:

  • Cole Hammett, senior, plant biology, “The Effect of Drought-Stress Conditions on the Germination of Solid-Stem Populations of Winter Wheat, Triticum aestivum.”

Farmington, Missouri:

  • Bri Speakar, senior, biological sciences, “Relationships Between Inflammation-Related Sickness Behaviors, Cognitive Function, Depressive and Negative Symptomatology in an Emerging Adult Sample.”

Florissant, Missouri:

  • Brooke Strautmann, junior, biological sciences, “Generational and Developmental Effects of Pathogenic Stenotrophomonas Bacteria on Caenorhabditis elegans Survivorship.”

Mesquite, Nevada:

  • Lindsey Johnson, sophomore, graphic design, “Weather Ready Farms.”

Bedford, New Hampshire:

  • Sam Spencer, sophomore, insect science, “Using eDNA Techniques to Identify Salt Creek Tiger Beetles in Sensitive Environments II.”

Rutherford, New Jersey:

  • Jenna Rogers, junior, speech-language pathology, “Educating Student Athletes on How to Interact with Children With Disabilities in Sport.”

Hickory, North Carolina:

  • Isabel Sigmon, junior, psychology, “Does Bipolar Type 1 Affect the Way Ambiguity is Interpreted and Response Time?”

Elk Point, South Dakota:

  • Zoie Miller, sophomore, biological sciences, “Assessing the Evolutionary Pathways Taken by WNV Positioned in Different Mutational Landscapes by Host Type Infected.”

Rapid City, South Dakota:

  • Levi Busching, junior, computer science, “Cultivating Collaboration in Multi-Drone Systems.”

Sioux Falls, South Dakota:

  • Truman Stoller, junior, mechanical engineering, “Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement of Femtosecond Laser Processed Silicon Used in Electronic Components.”
  • Kate Thorstenson, senior, biological sciences, “Analysis of the Effect of Human Cytomegalovirus UL148 in the Cell and During Viral Infection.”

Wagner, South Dakota:

  • Faithleigh Podzimek, sophomore, anthropology, “Analysis of a Fremont Flaked Stone Artifact Assemblage.”

College Station, Texas:

  • Molli Brooks, senior, history, “Petitioning for Freedom: Habeas Corpus in the American West.”

Houston, Texas:

  • Mary Morran, sophomore, food science and technology, “Lipid Composition in Novel Wheat Strains for Improved Bread Flavor.”
  • Alana Ross, sophomore, sports media and communication, “Social Media Data Mining of Health (Mis)Information.”

McKinney, Texas:

  • Emily Fitzpatrick, junior, mechanical engineering, “Qualitatively Exploring How Finances Constrain Undergraduate Engineering Student Experiences, Mental Health and Career Opportunities.”

Salt Lake City, Utah:

  • Serena Jentz, senior, chemistry, “A Chemoenzymatic Approach to Synthesize New Anti-MRSA Drugs Using Enzymes to Cyclize Linear Lipopeptide Precursors into Antibiotics.”

Neenah, Wisconsin:

  • Lauren Sturgell, sophomore, biochemistry, “Creation of the Centralized Consensus Avian, Swine and Human Influenza A Virus Neuraminidase 1 Vaccine.”

Buenos Aires, Argentina:

  • Sharif Akil, junior, electrical engineering, “Towards an AI to Deliver Individualized Just-in-Time Interventions That Enhance Student Performance in STEM Disciplines.”

Petropolis, Brazil:

  • Luiza Zambelli, junior, nutritional science and dietetics, “Therapeutic Potential of Bovine Milk Exosomes (BMEs) on Wild-Type and Mutant Glioblastoma Cells.”

Salvador, Brazil:

  • Filipe Guimaraes Goulart, senior, nutritional science and dietetics, “Generating a New Muscle-Specific Mouse Model for Studying MicroRNAs.”

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

  • Meklit Aga, junior, psychology, “Sense of Belonging and Its Relationship With Student Success.”

Nairobi, Kenya:

  • Natasha Maina, junior, economics, “The Impact of Economic Recessions on Women’s Participation in STEM and Related Fields: A Longitudinal Analysis.”

Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam:

  • Khoa Anh Le, junior, computer science, “Engineering an Integrated Gene Visualization Tool for Complex Genomic Contents.”

Hanoi, Vietnam:

  • Arlie Nghiem, junior, microbiology, “Identifying Members of the Gut Microbiome in Obese Mice Capable of Chive Exosome-Like Nanoparticle Uptake.”

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

  • Thao Tu, junior, computer science, “An Exploration for Mixed SQL and NoSQL Databases with Biological Genomic Data.”

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