2023-24 Fulbright: Francine Mace

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2023-24 Fulbright: Francine Mace

Color portrait of Francine Mace on red campus background
Francine Mace

Francine Mace, who will graduate from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln May 20 with a Bachelor of Arts in global studies, political science and Latin American studies, has earned a 2023-24 Fulbright U.S. Student Program award to teach English in Argentina.

Mace, who hails from Portland, Oregon, has devoted her time at the university to building intercultural relationships and bridging diverse perspectives. Through interdisciplinary coursework in three majors, Mace has enjoyed opportunities to strengthen communication skills and practice cross-cultural dialogue in Spanish. Service as a College of Arts and Sciences ambassador and participation in the Campus Orchestra also cultivated her self-awareness and communication strengths.

As a teaching assistant in introductory astronomy courses, Mace learned to use different approaches to reach students with varied learning styles and hosted the Nebraska Science Olympiad in Astronomy. She has also served as a teacher’s aide in high school Spanish, given private violin lessons, coached swim lessons for people with disabilities, and led outdoor safety and gardening events for the Girl Scouts organization. Through these experiences, Mace has generated a thoughtful philosophy on teaching and how to best customize the learning experience for individual students based on their needs.

Mace has also developed ambassadorial talents and leadership strengths through internships with nonprofit organizations in Lincoln and Portland. She has supported initiatives to improve living conditions for underserved communities, provide refugee and immigration support services, and develop entrepreneurship in Latinx communities.

As a Fulbright student, Mace said she is eager to demonstrate her teaching strengths and intercultural competence and focus on diverse populations through classroom service in Argentina. Upon her return to the United States, she plans to pursue a law degree and serve in the federal government. In the long term, she aims to use her diplomatic strengths as a Foreign Service Officer.

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