101 Nebraska faculty receive promotion, tenure

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101 Nebraska faculty receive promotion, tenure

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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln will award promotion and/or tenure to 101 faculty in 2020. Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, the spring celebration to honor faculty has been postponed until fall.

Faculty receiving honors are listed below and at 2020 Promotion and Tenure.

Promoted to Associate Professor and Granted Tenure

  • Rebecca Brock, Psychology

  • Jamie Bullins, Theatre and Film

  • Kelsy Burke, Sociology

  • Juan Cui, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Bai Cui, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

  • Erica DeFrain, University Libraries

  • Hernan Garcia-Ruiz, Plant Pathology

  • Valerie Jones, Journalism and Mass Communications

  • Adam Larios, Mathematics

  • Yuguo Lei, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Lena Luck, Animal Science

  • Joshua Madsen, Theatre and Film

  • Rupal Mehta, Political Science

  • Colin Meiklejohn, Biological Sciences

  • Amanda Morales, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

  • Lia Nogueira-Rodriguez, Agricultural Economics

  • Chigozie Obioma, English

  • Justin Olmanson, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

  • Jessica Petersen, Animal Science

  • Julie Peterson, Entomology

  • Walker Pickering, Art, Art History and Design

  • Massimiliano Pierobon, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Prahalada Rao, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

  • Heather Richards-Rissetto, Anthropology

  • Rebecca Roston, Biochemistry

  • Bonita Sharif, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Joshua Steelman, Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Varkey Titus, Jr., Management

  • Alexander Vazansky, History

  • Richard Wood, Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Samuel Wortman, Agronomy and Horticulture

  • Jiangang Xia, Educational Administration

  • Dustin Yates, Animal Science

  • David Yuill, Architectural Engineering and Construction

  • Andrew Zimbroff, Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design

Promoted to Full Professor and Granted Tenure

  • Jay Parsons, Agricultural Economics

Promoted to Full Professor

  • Jiri Adamec, Biochemistry

  • Eric Buhs, Educational Psychology

  • Santiago Cal, Art, Art History and Design

  • Daniel Ciobanu, Animal Science

  • Edward Harris, Biochemistry

  • John Kammermann, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

  • Lisa Karr, Animal Science

  • Casey Kelly, Communication Studies

  • Oleh Khalimonchuk, Biochemistry

  • Ariel Kohen, Political Science

  • Yaroslav Komarovski, Classics & Religious Studies

  • Xu Li, Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Yusong Li, Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Gina Matkin, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication

  • Jenelle Reeves, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

  • Sabrina Russo, Biological Sciences

  • Jessica Shoemaker, Law

  • Alexander Sinitskii, Chemistry

  • Jolene Smyth, Sociology

  • Paul Springer, Child, Youth and Family Studies

  • Richard Stowell, Biological Systems Engineering

  • Adam Thimmesch, Law

  • Mark Wilson, Biochemistry

  • Jennifer Wood, Animal Science

  • Lisong Xu, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Chi Zhang, Biological Sciences

Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor and Granted Tenure

  • Ryan Sullivan, Law

Promoted to Associate Professor of Practice

  • Rachel Azima, English

  • Stephanie Bondi, Educational Administration

  • Hunter Flodman, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Anna Hiatt, Biological Sciences

  • Michelle Homp, Mathematics

  • Eric Knoll, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication

  • Sean Trundle, History

  • Nathan Wakefield, Mathematics

  • Katherine Wesley, Educational Administration

Promoted to Full Professor of Practice

  • Suzanne Kemp, Special Education and Communication Disorders

  • Stacie Ray, Special Education and Communication Disorders

Promoted to Research Associate Professor

  • Megan Paul, Psychology

  • Jennifer Schmidt Rasmussen, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Promoted to Research Full Professor

  • Wendy Smith, Mathematics

Promoted to Associate Extension Educator

  • Tracy Anderson, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 9

  • Jack Arterburn, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 1

  • Sandra Barrera Fuentes, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 6

  • Ashley Benes, Nebraska Extension, 4-H Youth Development

  • Megan Burda, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 10

  • Kimberly Clark, Nebraska Extension, Animal Science

  • Terri James, Nebraska Extension, Agronomy and Horticulture

  • Kaytlyn Kennedy, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 11

  • Julia Kreikemeier, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 7

  • Erin Laborie, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 4

  • Christopher Proctor, Nebraska Extension, Agronomy and Horticulture

  • Sarah Roberts, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 5

Promoted to Extension Educator

  • Angela Abts, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 5

  • Kimberly Cook, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 4

  • Jaclynn Foged, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 9

  • Jessica Groskopf, Nebraska Extension, Farm Management

  • Jennifer Hansen, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 8

  • Rhonda Herrick, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 4

  • Elizabeth Janning, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 10

  • Elizabeth Killinger, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 6

  • David Lott, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 3

  • Aaron Nygren, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 7

  • Randy Saner, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 3

  • Jackie Steffen, Nebraska Extension, Engagement Zone 5

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