Goeke Honored by NADP for 25+ Years of Good Data

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Goeke Honored by NADP for 25+ Years of Good Data

Jim Goeke

Congratulations to Jim Goeke, SNR professor emeritus, who received a certificate from the National Atmospheric Deposition Program commemorating his 25 years of service as operator of the National Trends Network site NE99 at the North Platte Agricultural Experiment Station.

The NADP has been monitoring precipitation chemistry – i.e., what’s in rain and snow – since 1978. “The data generated by the NADP network are recognized as being of the highest quality, and the program has served as a model for the other monitoring networks,” said David Gay, NADP program coordinator, in a letter to Goeke. “A significant portion of the credit for this recognition belongs to the dedication of the site operators. It is evident that those sites with the highest quality and continuity of data are those with the most experienced operators. We therefore wish to demonstrate our appreciation for your efforts.”

Goeke retired from SNR in 2011 after 41 years at the university. He is well-known as a speaker on Nebraska groundwater and has been widely quoted on whether the Keystone XL pipeline poses a danger to Nebraska groundwater.

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