CBA Employer in Residence - Hudl

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CBA Employer in Residence - Hudl

This week's CBA Employer in Residence is Hudl on September 5th.

This week’s CBA Employer in Residence is Hudl, a video technology solutions startup for pro, college, and high school. Join Hudl on Wednesday, September 5th from 9 AM-3 PM in the CBA Atrium and a lunch at 11:30 AM-1:30 PM in CBA 222 to learn about the company and internships and job opportunities.

How We Got Started Have you ever thought to yourself, “I can’t believe people waste so much time doing [X] in this fantabulous age of information and technology?”

Alright, maybe you don’t share our excitement for ridiculous superlatives. But that’s exactly what our founders (David, John, and Brian) thought in 2006 when they realized exactly how much time and effort was spent by major football teams burning DVD copies of game film and distributing phone-book sized paper playbooks TO EACH AND EVERY ATHLETE.

I mean, can you imagine?

There was an obvious and straightforward way to help these teams: make all of the video, play diagrams, and coaching presentations securely available to the entire team over the Internet.

Who We Are We’re a young gang of nerds, marketers, designers and former jocks who love sports and tech. Where the two meet is our playground.

Our main office is in the Haymarket District of Lincoln, Nebraska. We started growing another arm in the Austin, Texas region—our doctors can’t agree on whether we’ll have to amputate.

Behind the curtain we’re backed by the maximum amount of smartness you’re allowed to gather in a conference room (by law).

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