Experts in the Field of Twitter and Elon Musk

The Nebraska Governance and Technology Center studies the ever-changing relationship between law and technology. It is an interdisciplinary team of faculty, students and researchers across the university, involving the Colleges of Law, Business, Engineering, and Journalism and Mass Communications. Its “Tech Refactored” podcast features experts who discuss issues like online privacy, the rural digital divide, genetic engineering, precision agriculture and many other of society’s tech issues.

Faculty member Kyle Langvardt is an expert on constitutional law and First Amendment-related freedoms related to social media and platform-based technologies. He is available to discuss Elon Musk’s $44B purchase of Twitter and what it bodes for free speech. “Free speech is a relative term whenever a few private companies have unchecked power over who may speak and who may not. Mr. Musk’s plans to take the company (Twitter) private are likely to exacerbate this problem.”


Professor Kyle Langvardt joined the faculty in July 2020 as a member of the Nebraska Technology & Governance Center. He is a First Amendment scholar who focuses on the Internet’s implications for free expression both as a matter of constitutional doctrine and as a practical reality. His written work addresses new and confounding policy issues including tech addiction, the collapse of traditional gatekeepers in online media and 3D-printable weapons. Professor Langvardt’s most recent papers appear in the Georgetown Law Journal, the Fordham Law Review and the George Mason Law Review.