Experts in the Field of Snakes


Dennis Ferraro is the resident herpetologist and a professor of practice at the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has been a UNL faculty member since 1990. His areas of interest are herpetology, amphibians, reptiles, biodiversity, ecosystems, endangered species, wetlands, monitoring and conservation of Nebraska’s herpetofauna, wildlife management and conservation, wildlife IPM, programing amphibian and reptile awareness and appreciation, wildlife damage management and master naturalist. He has collected data on more than 3,700 snakes, 3,400 amphibians and 410 turtles and lizards since 1990. He does radio tracking and telemetry in reptiles, and surgically implants transmitters in snakes. He shares the data he gathers on reptile and amphibian populations with the Nebraska State Museum, the Game and Parks Commission and other agencies that need it.