Experts in the Field of Pornography

Everything from how children are taught about sex, religious belief, feminism, censorship, capitalism, human rights, marriage and gender roles, morality, ethics and the law are implicated in the deeply complicated battles over pornography in America. In a new book to be published April 25, 2023, Nebraska sociologist Kelsy Burke takes a deep dive into the long history of pornography in the United States – and how the ubitquity of internet porn shapes American culture. Based upon five years of research and 90 in-depth interviews with those on both sides of the issue, “The Pornography Wars” offers a complete understanding of the major debates and players around porn’s place in society.


Seeking to answer how religion and sexuality interact as a politicized set of practices, ideologies and identities, Kelsy Burke has explored a wide range of topics including Christian, sex advice, evangelical women’s ministries, religious freedom laws and contemporary debates over pornography.