April 5, 2021

Temporary alternative work arrangement policy updated

Workshop helps prepare faculty for promotion and tenure

In preparation for the fall 2021 semester, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has updated its temporary alternative work policy to match the most current guidance from public health officials.

The policy adjusts eligibility and adds required documentation from a healthcare professional. It also includes three primary updates that align with Centers for Disease Control recommendations and vaccine availability.

The three changes include:

  • Age being removed as a qualifier. This reflects state and federal success in vaccinating individuals who are older, reducing the risk of infection (unless a pre-existing condition exists).

  • Faculty or staff with a pre-existing medical condition identified by the CDC to cause an enhanced health risk if infected with COVID-19 continue to be eligible for an alternative work arrangement. Employees who qualify must document the risk through a healthcare professional. To assist with alternative work arrangement requests, Faculty/Staff Disability Services has a form available to assist healthcare providers with submitting documentation.

  • Primary caregivers remain eligible, but must document a need to protect or mitigate the health risk for those they care for. Age alone is not a qualifying factor. Documentation is needed to show that the individual(s) cared for have a health condition identified by the CDC.

Any alternative work arrangement continues to require approval from an immediate supervisor and the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance. Approvals are granted on a semester basis and re-evaluated based on the most current regulatory advice from public health officials.

Faculty and staff planning for an alternative work arrangement for fall 2021 are asked to submit a request to Faculty/Staff Disability Services by July 15, especially for those with instructional responsibilities in the fall 2021 semester. The deadline will allow necessary time to review requests, fulfill documentation requirements, and work with supervisors to determine a reasonable arrangement.

As announced March 5 by Chancellor Ronnie Green, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is committed to offering in-person campus experiences in fall 2021 and is working to be as close to pre-pandemic activity level as can be safely offered. That commitment includes operating classrooms at full capacity.

Additional details about the university’s plans for the fall semester will be announced.