January 4, 2022

Students sought for Engineering Pitch Competition

Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to learn more about the 2022 Engineering Pitch Competition at an information session on January 25 from 12-1pm at Othmer 106, on city campus. Pizza will be provided.

Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to learn more about the 2022 Engineering Pitch Competition. An information session is scheduled for noon, Jan. 25 at Othmer Hall, Room 106. Pizza will be provided.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is holding a 2022 Engineering Pitch Competition for graduate and undergraduate students. The event is organized by the College of Engineering and NUtech Ventures.

Key dates for the pitch contest are:

  • Noon to 1 p.m., Jan. 25 — Information session, Othmer Hall, Room 106 (pizza will be provided);
  • February/March (date to be announced) — Training sessions and office hours for additional assistance; and
  • March 23 — Pitch competition at the College of Engineering.

Teams can include up to five participants, with at least one individual from the College of Engineering. There are two categories — one for undergraduates, the other for graduate students.

At the Jan. 25 information session, participants will receive a pitch deck template to use for the contest. The event will be judged based on participants’ ability to identify an important problem, formulate a value proposition related to solving that problem, estimate market size and describe their business model. Technical details will be discussed at a very high level.

“We want to help students connect the dots between their classroom knowledge and real-world problems,” said Zane Gernhart, a senior technology manager for NUtech Ventures. “We hope students continue building upon their ideas and even consider starting their own company.”

The competition features awards for the top three teams in each category. All award money must be used to further develop the business idea (travel, materials for prototypes, etc).