January 4, 2019

Student involvement helps Mosier find place at Nebraska

I'm a Husker and...

Grace Mosier

Grace Mosier

Adjusting to new places is nothing new to Grace Mosier.

As the daughter of a retired U.S. Navy officer, Mosier lived in eight states and attended 11 different schools by the time she graduated high school. Nearly every three years, the senior psychology major and her family would pack up, leave behind friends and start another life in a new home.


It’s fitting that her father — who ventured to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln during a work trip — helped her become a Husker. His positive experience led to Mosier making a visit of her own.

“Before I was even on the plane back home, I realized that this is where I wanted to go to school,” Mosier said.

Not only was the campus everything she had hoped for, but Nebraska also exceeded Mosier’s expectations with its vibrant Greek community and wide array of student involvement opportunities.

High school classmates questioned the decision — most were worried that Mosier wouldn’t do well in an unfamiliar environment. Coming to a school without knowing anyone was scary, but Mosier’s background coupled with support from the Lincoln community helped her feel right at home.

“I came to campus and was immediately surrounded by the warmest, most welcoming people,” Mosier said. “(The saying) ‘Nebraska Nice’ is very true.”

Since her first day as a freshman, Mosier knew it was vital to get involved in campus life.

“I knew that to thrive I was going to have to get out of my comfort zone and blossom into the person that I now am,” Mosier said.

She is now part of the New Student Enrollment program and helps teach incoming Huskers how to find success at Nebraska. She also has served in various Greek executive roles and the Nebraska Alumni Advisory Council.

Mosier said that her involvement as a Husker has allowed her to enhance her leadership and communication skills, establish friendships with other passionate students, and most importantly, create a home at Nebraska.