September 5, 2018

Student health insurance enrollment closes Sept. 9

Open enrollment for the student health insurance plan ends Sept. 9 at midnight.

Students can register for affordable, convenient healthcare through the university's insurance plan, United Healthcare Student Resources.

Enrollment is now open for the university’s student health insurance plan, which covers students through the fall semester, from Aug. 1 to Dec. 31.

The medical, mental health, prescription and dental plan covers 100 percent of most medically necessary services received at the University Health Center. It features a $500 deductible per coverage year when visiting in-network providers, and after this deductible has been met, the plan pays for 80 percent of medical services in network. Prescription copays are as low as $5, and the plan offers $1,000 in dental coverage.

The plan can be used anywhere nationwide wherever United Healthcare Choice Plus is accepted.

The following types of students are eligible to enroll:

  • All students enrolled in six or more credit hours in a degree-seeking program
  • All degree-seeking international students, regardless of credit hour level. International students will be auto-enrolled, unless they provide proof of other coverage and sign a waiver.
  • The credit hour limit listed above will not apply to: graduate assistants; degree-seeking master’s level graduate students enrolled in one or two credit hours for the purpose of completing their thesis and are full-time certified by graduate studies; doctoral students enrolled in one or two credit hours for the purpose of completing their dissertation and are full-time certified by graduate studies; all visiting scholars if approved by the university; all intensive English program students; and new degree-seeking student who start in the summer will have a three-hour minimum credit hour requirement.

Students can enroll for the fall coverage period by logging into MyRed, selecting the “Profile” tab, and choosing “Health Insurance.” Once students enroll, they will receive an email within 10 to 12 business days to let them know their identification card is available under “My Account”.

For more information about student insurance, including eligibility requirements, click here or contact Cindi Pickinpaugh at or 866-351-4262.