December 6, 2023

Student capstone exhibition opens Dec. 11

Morgan Jensen, “Calf and Bull,” graphite on paper, 2023.

Morgan Jensen, “Calf and Bull,” graphite on paper, 2023.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s School of Art, Art History and Design will present the work of graduating undergraduate students in a Capstone Exhibition Dec. 11-15 in the Eisentrager•Howard Gallery.

A closing reception will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Dec. 15 in the gallery.

This biannual experience is held at the end of the fall and spring semesters and presents the work of each semester’s graduating Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts seniors in studio art and graphic design as a culmination of their coursework and exploration.

Gallery hours for the exhibition are noon to 5 p.m. weekdays. Admission to the gallery is free and open to the public.

A digital presentation of capstone projects will also be available beginning Dec. 15. Viewers will find a page for each student that contains information on their personal research, as well as links to further information such as websites and social media handles.

Caroline White, a senior studio art major, said she hopes people attend the exhibition.

“The capstone is a last hurrah in the structured sanctuary of school before going out to build our practices as artists,” she said. “We, of course, would love for as many people as possible to see our work. That’s why we’re putting it up.”

Scott Ostdiek, a senior graphic design major, said the exhibition is filled with talented artists and designers.

“It’s especially exciting to get to see people’s voices and personalities shine through their work,” he said. “Within my work I like to focus more on typography and layout design. My exhibit focuses on the ideas and feelings behind clothing and the sense of community they create through the visual lens of a personal brand I created.”

Payton Shoup, a senior studio art major, said it’s an important milestone in their artistic careers.

“All of our work is a testament to the dedication, passion and growth that has taken place during our undergraduate years,” Shoup said. “I believe that it marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one—a future filled with possibilities and a continued exploration of the power of art to communicate and connect with the world.”

Wanyu Luo, a senior studio art major originally from China, said the work she is presenting is about her understanding of traditional Chinese culture and mythology as a young person looking back at the history.

“I wouldn’t make the same work if I studied at a Chinese college,” she said. “The capstone gives us an opportunity to show what we’ve learned and experienced these years. People should attend the exhibition because our peers have different styles of art works, and the works tell different stories.”

Darby Carlin, a senior studio art major, said the capstone experience has been rewarding in preparing for a future in the art world.

“I feel like this show is a testament to all the work we’ve put in during our time in school,” Carlin said. “The process of creating feels isolated within the studio, and this is an opportunity to ‘show the proof’ of the effort we put into earning our degrees.”

Carlin said she is trying to depict the ‘secret language’ of food service that she has accumulated after being both a full-time student and working full-time, which led her to mesh her experience in the kitchen with her art practice.

The following students are participating in this year’s Capstone exhibition:

Studio Art

  • Darby Carlin, Printmaking, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Omaha.
  • Virginia Glaser, Drawing, Bachelor of Arts, Seward.
  • Quinn Domini Goodall, Painting, Bachelor of Arts, Topeka, Kansas.
  • Morgan Jensen, Drawing, Bachelor of Arts, Omaha.
  • Wanyu Luo, Drawing, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • Dani O’Keefe, Painting and Animation, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Papillion.
  • Sophia Pflug, Painting, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Omaha.
  • Payton Shoup, Painting, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gretna.
  • Caroline White, Drawing, Bachelor of Arts, Lincoln.

Graphic Design

  • Shaydan Bayless, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts, Beatrice.
  • Jaynie Bustad, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts, Wahoo.
  • Nicole Geib, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elmhurst, Illinois.
  • D’Marcion Henderson, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Omaha.
  • Joscelyn Hynes, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts, Omaha.
  • Vic Lawrence, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts, Omaha.
  • Breann Matlock, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Crete.
  • Scott Ostdiek, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Aurora.
  • Braden Robinson, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts, Hartsville, South Carolina.
  • Julian Ruvalcaba, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Grand Island.
  • Ava Schicke, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts, Omaha.
  • Nico Sepahpur, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts, Lincoln.
  • Joe Warren, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Omaha.

The Eisentrager•Howard Gallery is located on the first floor of Richards Hall.