November 21, 2016

Piano student invited to perform in London

Yanbing Dong was among winners of an international competition and will perform Dec. 13 in the Royal Albert Hall in London.
Courtesy image

Courtesy image
Yanbing Dong was among winners of an international competition and will perform Dec. 13 in the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Yanbing Dong, a third-year musical arts doctoral student, earned one of the top awards at the 2016 London Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition.

The contest is offered to all nationalities and ages in strings, piano, wind, vocal and chamber music. Each discipline is divided into age categories with 39 overall winners.

Dong is also among a select group of winners to receive an invitation to perform Dec. 13-14 in London’s Royal Albert Hall.

“I was thrilled when I learned that I was invited as one of the winners to perform in the Royal Albert Hall,” Dong said. “The result was announced on the night of my 29th birthday. I was informed that I won second place in the competition and was on the waiting list of invited winners. It was very exciting to be invited to perform three days later.”

Dong’s Dec. 13 performance in London will feature Sonata Hob 50 in C Major by composer Joseph Haydn.

“I’m excited that Yanbing will have the opportunity to perform in London’s most prestigious concert venue,” said Paul Barnes, professor of piano. “It also speaks volumes about what goes on here at the Glenn Korff School of Music. I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

Dong is a past winner of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s concerto competition and is currently working as Barnes’ studio assistant.

“Yanbing has blossomed as an artist and teacher during her years with me at UNL,” Barnes said. “What won the competition was her submitted video of Liszt’s B Minor Sonata from her first DMA recital. This piece is an important piece of my own life, and I was thrilled that her performance of this transcendental work won the competition for her.”

Dong started her musical career at age 6. She received her Bachelor of Music degree at the Shenyang Conservatory of Music in Shenyang, China. During those four years, she was named the Outstanding Student in Shenyang and received a scholarship each year. In 2010, she graduated with an outstanding graduate from the piano department.

Dong received her master’s degree from Ohio University. During this time, she appeared as an active performer giving solo recitals and playing in chamber ensembles in many concerts.

While at Nebraska, Dong has performed with the university’s symphony orchestra and participated in the Gershwin International Music Competition and the Austria Vienna International Piano Academy.

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