December 19, 2023

Arboretum hosting free Plant Talks in January, February


The Nebraska Statewide Arboretum will host five free online Plant Talks in January and February.

The Nebraska Statewide Arboretum will host five online Plant Talks in January and February on various environmental topics. The Plant Talks are free and open to the public.

The schedule is as follows:

Winter Tree Appreciation

Noon, Jan. 5 via Zoom Though winter can seem drab and uninteresting at first glance, it’s actually a great time to appreciate trees on a different level. In fact, the low sun angle can dramatically reveal bark colors and textures that went unnoticed during the summer. In this presentation, NSA Green Infrastructure Coordinator Justin Evertson will take a closer look at some of the unique aspects of trees revealed in winter and offer some basic tips for winter tree identification.

Waterwise Landscapes

Noon, Jan. 11 via Zoom NSA Sustainable Landscape Specialist Sarah Buckley and NSA Green Infrastructure Coordinator Justin Evertson will talk about the value of incorporating waterwise landscaping practices into larger scale spaces such as parks, commercial properties and acreages. Topics will include the differences between a raingarden and a bioswale, low-impact-development and best management practices.

A Conversation with Jeff Carstens

Noon, Jan. 18 via Zoom Jeff Carstens is a horticulturalist with the USDA North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station in Ames, Iowa, where he works with a team of scientists to expand the diversity of plant genetic resources collections in order to facilitate their conservation and utilization in research. What does that mean? It means Jeff is the quintessential plant guy and has lots of interesting details and information to share with us about his unique career and why what he does is important for the future.

Let’s Talk about Lawn Alternatives

Noon, Feb. 1 via Zoom As more and more homeowners begin to investigate non-traditional options to turf grass, we’ll chat with NSA Sustainable Landscape Specialist Brad Kindler and Aldersgate Gardens Affiliate Site Curator Steven Schafer for advice and tips on how to get started with transforming your traditional lawn to something that’s more environmentally sustainable and beneficial for pollinators and other wildlife. Steven is conducting 12 alternative lawn experiments at Aldersgate and has already garnered some insights on what works best for particular conditions.

Waterwise Plant Talk: How to Care for Your Trees, Garden & Yard in Drought

Noon, Feb. 15 via Zoom Drought has thankfully receded in the western part of the state, but here in eastern Nebraska, we are still contending with extremely dry conditions. NSA Green Infrastructure Coordinator Justin Evertson and NSA Horticulture Program Coordinator Bob Henrickson will offer advice and tips for how to best care for your trees, garden and yard during these tough times. There will also be time for participants to ask specific questions about challenges they are facing in their own yards.

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